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FUGASHUA Admission Portal Login | How to check the FUGASHUA portal : Nigerian Education

Would you like to access the FUGASHUA admission portal to check your admission status, register for post utme or pay your school fees? If the answer is yes, I am very happy to welcome you as you read this article in the FUGASHUA portal.


Before you continue, here are some things you should expect from this post on the FUGASHUA portal.

* What is the FUGASHUA portal about?
* Everything you can do on the FUGASHUA portal and
* Procedure for logging into the FUGASHUA portal

Let’s go ahead, shall we?

What is the FUGASHUA portal?

Allow me to teach you, in simple terms, that the FUGASHUA portal is a website specially created by the Federal University of Gashua, where applicants, students and sometimes even employees can conduct academic activities with their unique profiles.

To gain access to the FUGASHUA portal, however, you need the required login data to be able to access the portal. These credentials are usually provided by officials from the Federal University of Gashua.

This explanation brings us to the section “What you can do in the FUGASHUA portal”.

What can be done on the FUGASHUA portal?


For those who are already students, also called “returning students”, they can:

  • Pay school fees
  • Book hostel space
  • Register for courses online

Interested in study

While for those who are not yet Federal University Gashua students, they can also use the FUGASHUA portal to:

* Register for FUGASHUA Post UTME
* Buy the FUGASHUA Post UTME form online
* Print the letter of admission
* In most cases, check the FUGASHUA admission status.

How to log on to the FUGASHUA portal

After you already know what you can do on the FUGASHUA portal, I can show you how to register on the FUGASHUA portal.

FUGASHUA Application / Admission Portal login

Registration page of the Fugashua registration portal

  • To log in to the FUGASHUA application portal, visit
  • Enter your email address and password
  • Solve the captcha above the “Send” button
  • Then click on the SEND button
  • At this point you have successfully registered with the FUGASHUA application portal

FUGASHUA Student Portal (Undergraduate Portal)

Registration page of the Fugashua student portal

  • Visit to sign up for the FUGASHUA portal for students
  • Enter your matrix number and your password
  • Solve the captcha and click on SUBMIT.
  • You have successfully registered with the student portal of the Federal University of Gashua.

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