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Peace finds its way to you because she loves you, to be her best friend, to accept her friendship and to be rewarded by this amazing friendship. Find peace in yourself and don’t worry about looking for it in others. Peace wakes you up while you wake up for them. Today, humanity must wake up to peace, joy and harmony even in a catastrophic storm.

Today we humans have to wake ourselves up to that Eternal truth.

For me, this truth is in all races, colors and religions. There are no boundaries that separate us. The air we all breathe is infected with a virus because it spreads faster than forest fires. She sees no race, skin color or religion. She sees neither age nor gender and sets off.

We all have to build a wall together so we can block it. We have to get up and fight together against this enemy. Everyone must unite against this catastrophic invisible storm. Connected by knowledge, united by science, united by the learned lessons of life and united in one prayer We humans will be victorious for all humans.

Remember, if one of us falls, we all have a chance to fall.

So let’s selflessly unite and hold on to everyone because we are all one humanity. Today our human family is in danger and we have to unite in knowledge and be strong for each other. Today we are taught to stay six feet apart to save all lives and not to get six feet below us.

A lesson is being taught to our generations because we all slid apart because we were different. Today we observe how all races, colors and religions unite to save each other. My personal assistant had sent me a newspaper article in which a Hindu died after losing his fight against cancer in a very divided city because of the tensions between Muslims and Hindus. After the Hindu neighbor died, he did not have a family member to complete his funeral rites, as everyone remained at home under an order. The Muslim neighbors had united and completed his last rites in a Hindu way and sang “Ram Naam Satya Hai”. You can read this article from India Here.

I read this and knew that we humans have not lost our humanity.

Maybe we had lost it in our lives. But when we are put to the test, humanity is and remains victorious. We were separated during a picturesque life, but united by the catastrophic storm of life.

I know that it is human nature to forget the dark storms of life when we are in the picturesque days. We forget the pain and suffering of ourselves and others. The fear that grabs all of us to unite is forgotten when we find our way out of danger.

But why?

I think it’s natural and normal because we have been taught survival tactics throughout the life journey. We learn to leave the worries behind and to continue.

However, I want you all to continue with some good life lessons. Remember that the journey through life is a lesson that you have learned through life. Today, the present will be the past tomorrow, as our future generations will remember our journey through the COVID-19 era. The story is meant to talk about how the world’s population has come together to help each other through a pandemic that came through our generation. The children should read in their history books about this period and know that there is no difference between race, skin color and religion, since all are the travelers of life.

I want you all to be in this history book, where we were all there for each other, where our tears broke the boundaries that had shared us. Our grief had united everyone into a home for humanity and we all fought for one another.

This is our one family under one roof and home, heaven above and earth below.

Our family has come together from a catastrophic storm called COVID-19 under a house called Humanity.

When you seek refuge in your own home as an individual today, remember and say a prayer for your human family members, key staff such as frontline responders, health care workers, law enforcement officers, key bank employees, and grocery employees , Pharmacists and pharmacy staff as well as anyone who risks their personal safety are there for you. Please unite with me and recite a prayer so that they are safe.

First find your inner peace and then unite this world in peace and harmony. Be the candles of hope that lead everyone into the future in the present. We will be remembered as the candles of the past that have all led to a better and more peaceful world.

If we are all standing in the dark today with a candle in hand, remember that dawn will break and a new day is ahead of us. Let us pray together for everyone until dawn. Fear that affects us all will make us stronger and better tomorrow.

I too am waiting in fear today because I know that my faith and hope will be my guide for a better tomorrow Prayers will be my strength.

If we spread our tears this night and hold our hands in a fist with fear, please believe that tomorrow we will all find that this journey is finally over. The pages will turn when the wind of hope comes over us.

If you are trying to overcome this catastrophic dark night all by yourself, remember to meditate with a prayer on your lips. Learn to inhale the positive vibrations and exhale the negative vibrations.

Please find comfort when you know that all of your neighbors are going through the same catastrophic night. You are not alone here. We are all together in this gondola of life. Be positive and know that positivity will be our meditation prayer and our guide through this lonely night.

If you need a prayer for yourself or your loved ones, please let me know. I will always say a prayer for all of you.

My prayer books are there for all of you Amazon.

My book Eternal Truth: The Tunnel of Lightleads you through the unanswered questions of life. After reading this book, a reader told me that she did not find the journey through life and all the fears of life to be fearful. Please find this book on Amazon how all my books are there for you as my blessing over time.

I had found peace in my mind, body and soul because I knew that I had to do my part to guide you to find peace in you too. So I found my words and wrote them on the pages of my books for you.


Ann Marie Ruby

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Ann Marie Ruby is the bestselling author of eleven published books: “Spiritual Travelers: The Journey of Life from the Past to the Present for the Future”, “Spiritual Messages: From a Bottle”, “Spiritual Journey: The Eternal Blessing of Life”, “Spiritual Inspirations”: Holy Words of Wisdom, “Spiritual Songs: Letters from My Chest”, “Spiritual Ark: The Enchanted Journey of Timeless Quotes”, “Spiritual Lighthouse: Ann Marie Ruby’s Dream Diaries”, “Spiritual Songs II: Blessing From A. Holy Soul, “The World Hate Crisis: Through the Eyes of a Dream Psychician”, “Eternal Truth: The Tunnel of Light” and “The Netherlands: Land of My Dreams”.

Ann Marie is recognized worldwide as a leader in the spiritual realm and has experience working with various brands, from founding companies to product lines to spiritual retreats for film companies and various public figures.

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