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Hello, my handicraft friends,

If you’ve been unemployed recently like me, I hope you enjoy your extra time gluing, cutting, and painting. On the other hand, if you work extra hours to store shelves, deliver items, or if you work in healthcare or other necessary industries, just let me say thank you.

We’re here in Colorado since March 26th under “Keeping Orders Home”. What I think is just a little bit stricter than the social distancing guidelines we were under before. Still, every day feels more curious and curious (if you forgive the obvious plug for my blog post), and I still have more questions than answers. I don’t think I’m alone.

Anyway, luckily crafting is one of the fun activities we can take part in at this time of social distancing. And so I bring you what I think of my last craft projects.

My first project is this crazy cardboard curtain.

I plan to do the other half of the curtain, but Alice in Wonderland seems somehow appropriate to have only half a curtain, doesn’t it? The main components for this project are cardboard, black tape, black piping and these oversized pictures of Alice in Wonderland. More details on this project can be found in the attached video, but I suspect that not too many people will follow my silly example of how to make cardboard curtains.

For my second project, I made a couple of artificial pocket watches from round cans and other plastic containers.

Many of the pocket watches were made from these plastic pigeon cases from the dollar tree.

If you like to reuse Altoid cans, you will love them too. In some ways, they’re even better than Altoid cans. Some time ago I made a video about 15 ways to reuse these containers. Now I have another reason to love her. You can check all other reasons below.

But I digress. As I said, I have collected all my round containers, glued on some pull tabs and sprayed them with some silver spray paint.

I resized some Alice in Wonderland dial art to my containers and then glued them to the lids.

The final step was to add a magnet, chain, and silly label. Now I have some small “mysterious” storage containers on my metal door. Natürlich You could of course label them with what’s actually in them, but where’s the fun in that?

For my last project, I made some silhouette art out of some second-hand shop frames.

The hardest thing was getting the frames apart.

Once that was done, I printed my art in the size I needed to make a transfer.

It is an easy process. All you need is a light source. Her art and a pencil place a layer of graphite on the back of the art. Once the graphite is on the artwork, you can trace it back to the property. You can find details on this process in the attached video.

For my background I used old scraps of book paper glued to Mod Podge. Then the art was transferred to my drawing surface and painted with black craft paint.

I used a felt tip pen to add the lettering. The frames were painted with some accent colors that I used in the room, and the last step was to put the frame back together.

For more information on creating these projects, see the video tutorial below.

Thanks for stopping by. Stay well and ..

Happy upcycling,

Advertising Disclosure: Upcycle Design Lab may be compensated in exchange for placing certain sponsored products and services or for clicking on links published on this website.

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