The Wilko stainless steel cleaner dazzles the internet with a streak-free finish Interior Design

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  • If you’re having trouble getting your stove to glow like new, this inexpensive Wilko stainless steel cleaner could do the trick.

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    Our herds have to be beaten a lot during the day when they work from home. Under the rings, the inevitable piece of porridge, soup splashes and lumps of tomatoes that ran away from the Bolognese harden.

    Even after an careful peeling and buff, our stove always seems lackluster. Not to mention the dreaded white eddies that never seem to intensify.

    Wilko stainless steel cleaner 1

    Photo credit: Liv Lawrence

    Buy now: Stainless steel cleaner, £ 1, Wilko

    But an accomplished mother posted on Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips’s Facebook group has her secret of keeping her stove spotless for just £ 1. Liv Lawrence announced that she used Wilko stainless steel cleaner to achieve the streak-free finish.

    “I can’t really believe this stuff,” she wrote in the Facebook post. “I usually use Cif stainless steel cleaner with a perfect surface, but today I was in Wilko and saw it for only £ 1 !!!”

    “I thought I would try, not expecting much, but it is so much better than Cif and cheaper too!” She adds. “No streak in sight. A minky pad for application and then minky green glass and window cloth for polishing. “

    She finished the post with a label on her shiny stove. One can say with certainty that the results speak for themselves. Just look at this shine! If we didn’t know better, we would say the stove was brand new.

    Wilko stainless steel cleaner 2

    Photo credit: Liv Lawrence

    Facebook group members were equally impressed with the post, which received 378 likes.

    “I have to try,” commented an admirer.

    “Looks great! Thanks for the tip, ”wrote another.

    The Wilko stainless steel cleaner has already proven to be a sales hit. However, it is commercially available again and should soon be available online from Wilko.

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    The Wilko stores remained open during the closure so that customers can buy the bare essentials. However, the standard delivery is still available and takes between 3 and 5 working days.

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