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Welcome to 4th grade! This is the year to encourage children to take their curiosity while watching and analyzing the world around them. Although fourth grade is often the beginning of preparing students for middle school, it is important to remember that fourth graders in development are still children. Playing remains important, and creating a nurturing classroom is always critical. Technology also plays a bigger role in the fourth grade classroom as students begin to improve their research skills. Make the most of your walk to middle school as you prepare your classroom for fourth grade. Here is our ultimate checklist of all the 4th grade classroom materials you need to start this very important year of learning.

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Create a colorful class library with engaging books to keep reading quiet. We have found the best bookshelves for every classroom.

Now that you have the shelves, it’s time to fill them up. Check out our list of the 50 best fourth grade books. Of To introduceto loveto The undefeatedThere is something for every student on your list.

Round off your reading corner in the classroom with comfortable bean bags. Do you need further ideas for reading corners? Check out our favorite classroom reading corners on the Internet.

Free growth mindset poster for the classroom

Fourth graders sometimes need a boost in the direction of growth. Let them go on confidently with colorful motivational posters.

When fourth graders adopt the technology, they need headphones to listen to all of these important online activities. These bulk earphones have stereo sound and soft earmuffs.

Keep the technology safe, healthy and charge it with a loading wagon with 16 devices. Cable management clips are included and can be attached to the back of the cart to hold each cable securely in place, making it easier for students to connect and charge their device without the teacher’s support.

Increase your vocabulary with a fun game. Students give clues and guess vocabulary at class level while building critical thinking skills with this common core game. Do you want more literacy centers? Check out our huge list.

Provide a more abstract understanding of an essential fourth grade skill set– –short and long division– –with a set inspired by Montessori with 4 color-coded dividing boards and a wooden tray in which the seven tube frames with pearls, 7 cups and 36 cones are housed. Would you like more ideas for data centers? Check out board games, manipulations, dice and more from our math materials for class.

Put the screens aside for a moment and try dry-erase lapboards, the fun, paperless solution for brainstorming, math problems, doodles, drawing charts, and more.

Feinpunkt dry erase markers are ideal for writing on whiteboards and dry erase lapboards. Do you need more dry erase markers? We have put together the best (recommended by teachers) here!

Wipe away mistakes with erasers that promise to put a smile on your fourth graders’ faces! They are also magnetized so you can stick them on your whiteboard.

Keep your whiteboard in top shape. This practical spray removes stubborn stains, shadows, grease and dirt from whiteboards.

Keep your whiteboard organized with 24 colorful clip magnets for use on any metallic surface!

Hold papers together with good, old-fashioned paper clips.

Prepare these fourth grade packages with colorful binder clips.

Keep it together with a sturdy stapler! It is resistant to traffic jams and ensures that you don’t have to disassemble it all day for repeated repetitions.

Vibrant, assorted colors give you all the benefits of color without the high cost and extra time of printing with colored ink. Just add black ink!

Organize classes for each student with a hanging briefcase that can be easily attached to a wall or even the door of your classroom.

File important fourth-grade papers with a rainbow of file folders. Check out our comprehensive list of file folders that make you feel organized, even when you aren’t.

Because every fourth grade classroom needs an endless supply of pens.

Mistakes happen! Erase fourth-class mistakes with colorful erasers.

Using color can help students learn and remember information. Distribute these highlighters and encourage them to get markers.

23. Wide, washable marker class pack

Fourth graders still love to use color creatively. These markers are washable and non-toxic and are made from an ultra-pure formula that is easy to wash off skin, clothing and walls.

Get 240 colored pencils for fourth grade writing and drawing activities.

The glue sticks are non-toxic, easy to use and washable with soap and water. They make it easier to put two and two together.

Precise lace design and large finger straps offer more control and comfort when working on fourth-class art projects.

Keep all these pens sharp! We have compiled a list of the best pencil sharpeners that have been checked by the teachers!

Reinforce documents or make instructional items tear-proof and leak-proof. We have put together the best laminator picks and don’t forget to stock up Laminating pouch, also.

Light three-hole stamp up to 12 sheets less the usual jams. Perfect for adding articles to student portfolios!

Keep everything together with loose leaf tie rings.

Index cards help your fourth graders to remember all the necessary facts.

High-performance folders with double-reinforced edges withstand a year of learning in fourth grade. These colorful, moisture-proof and tear-proof folders each contain up to 135 sheets of letter-size paper.

One for every subject! With 100-page composition books in different colors, you can easily see what’s going on in fourth-grade classrooms and beyond.

Because you can never have enough sticky notes on hand in the classroom. Check out the teacher hacks for sticky notes in the classroom.

Encourage and motivate your fourth graders with stickers. Over 1,000 emojis make it easy to express your current state of mind.

Once you’ve tried Better Than Paper, you won’t be returning to traditional bulletin board paper. This magical material is stronger and easier to process than paper and lasts for years. You can also write on it and later wipe the writing like a whiteboard!

78 strips in 6 different roles draw all eyes on the black boards of your classroom.

Wondering how to stick the poster to the wall without drilling the wall? Self-adhesive dots are the best way to reduce damage.

The giant sheets on these easel pads peel off like a traditional sticky note. In addition, the premium white paper is thick enough to prevent the marks from bleeding through, but thin enough to make the pages easy to use.

Clean up clutter and prevent germs from floating in the room. These double-acting wipes have two sides, one for scrubbing and one for wiping. They also promise to kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria. Also check out our top list of classroom cleaners.

Runny noses and tears still happen in fourth grade. Have your handkerchiefs ready!

Keep 4th grade teaching materials organized with durable plastic caddies.

Keep your teacher’s desk organized and your phone or laptop charged and ready for this combined desk organizer and charger.

Are you looking for inspiration when planning your fantastic fourth year school year? Check out our long list of tips, tricks and ideas tested by teachers for fourth grade lessons.

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