The C-SPAN classroom offers new lessons on the economic impact of COVID-19 : Educational Technology

C-SPAN classroom is a free resource that anyone who teaches US history or civics should bookmark. I’ve written about many of their great resources and programs over the years, including their annual student video competition and annual summer workshops for teachers.

C-SPAN Classroom recently had one new lesson plan with a range of resources to help students explore and understand the current and potential future economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Resources include eight video clips, an analysis template, and a brainstorming activity that students can conduct individually or in online groups.

Use in online classrooms
The lesson contains eighteen vocabulary words that students may have heard but need to review in the context of the lesson and the current COVID-19 pandemic. I can use Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams to create a discussion forum where students go beyond basic definitions and discuss terms in the current context. After this discussion has taken place, students take part in an online meeting (hangouts, zoom, teams would all be fine) to talk about the videos and / or brainstorming they did in the discussion forum.

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