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Thermometer guns

The performance of infrared thermal imaging has been discussed previously, particularly as thermal imaging via thermographic cameras, e.g. B. from Opgal, Flir or others. The corona virus has brought such thermal imaging technologies to a new level of awareness thanks to the now iconic images of masked officials in China who point a thermometer “gun” at the forehead of a traveler. These practical, though not entirely accurate, devices have been used by government officials as well as individuals to screen people for fevers related to the COVID-19.

A thermometer gun is a device that contains an infrared sensor that quickly measures surface temperatures without contact with the surface, e.g. B. the skin of a person. Such devices have gained popularity in recent years to slow the spread of diseases such as SARS and Ebola.

The popularity of thermometer guns combined with people’s fear of the COVID-19 has led to a shortage of these useful devices. In response, retailers such as Amazon and others have been working to support deliveries while working to stop the artificially inflated prices for thermometer guns, which typically cost less than $ 100.

Of course you can create your own at any time (see next slide).

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