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It is strange to hide from a pandemic for weeks. Surreal, real and probably difficult to fathom or really rationalize unless we know someone who is seriously ill. At least that was my previous experience with suffering. I think it is difficult for us to eject our own little bubbles in order to really motivate others in times of need, as sensitive and friendly as we may be. Sending a Get Well Soon card and dealing with the immediacy of death, pain, and fear are two very different things.

I will say that. I am happy to seek protection with my family.

With others.

As an introvert, I was always fine, so I guess I would be fine on my own. That means that the accommodation at home has given me a very fulfilling life. So much noise. So much mess. So much complaint. Occasionally snuggles up.

I really cannot say that I miss the outside world very much.

We are very busy at home.

However. I LOVE working from home every day and wish so much that I would work remotely for the rest of the days. I am still in contact with my employees, but I would not be sad if I never saw my actual office again. Admittedly, I work in a cube, so there is not too much to miss.

Working from home while “teaching at home” is difficult. This is true. The children obviously do not get the attention they need every day to continue their studies. It is almost impossible for them to maintain focus. And the (bad) attitude. Good. I will leave it at that.

There is a reason why teachers are great and should be paid five million times more than they currently earn. As intelligent and capable as I am, I am far from Reed’s actual first-class teacher. A very long way. This is of course reinforced by my split loyalty, which is equally committed to being productive at work and paying attention to student learning. Unfortunately, I only have a brain with decreasing multitasking ability.

As challenging as it is, I still love it.

We eat three meals a day at home. Let the dishwasher run at least twice. Always go to the grocery store. Constantly sucking, but far from enough. The weather was bad and the children are marched into the nearby forest park every day and return muddy, smiling and happy. Between the three, only the oldest indicated that she missed her friends and classmates. The other two seem to be completely satisfied with reenacting Lord of the Flies every day. In our own living room no less.

I started a new knitting project. IIt’s over here. I still can’t upload photos from my phone to my stupid website. Talk about a work in progress. I just got to the easy part where I split the sleeves. Now I’m just knitting and knitting and knitting until I reach the hem, maybe with spontaneous waste formation on the way.

I have a toe on a sock at the end. And a new pullover to wear. (Hello bulky weight. Smiley Emoji. Smiley Emoji. Smiley Emoji.) I’ve planned a bit of coloring this week, but not much.

My mantra: keep it simple and occasionally bake a cake.

So I have to go back to the shelter where AKA cooks dinner.


P.S. I just sent a HUGE shipment of yarn to Cast Away Yarns and I’m shipping it. When you call the shop, they will help you choose a pattern and the right yarn and everything. It is wonderful. Your website is here. A really remarkable shop.

P.P.S. I am here on Instagram! Even if you are already following me, my posts may not be shown (Dratted algorithm and all). Be sure to drop by and say hello. I tend to post there regularly (and definitely in the stories) so it’s a great way to keep in touch here between updates.

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