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I used to consider myself a homebody when I had the choice of staying out with friends for a long weekend evening or having dinner early and getting in touch. Now that I have no choice, I take everything back!

In the first week of working from home, I looked at a lot of news to try to grasp the intangible. How long will this be our normal state, what will happen to my friends and family and when will all this be over? Now that I’ve settled in at week 2, I’m learning to step back from things I can’t control and focus on the things I can do. On some days, it looks to me like I work my normal hours from home and help Spanish speakers get access to unemployment insurance in the evenings. On other days, I pull the plug out of the socket and concentrate on my health. I do long 6-mile hikes – the things I was worried about just last month are miles away quickly. I put on the pink glasses and stay positive while still being aware of our new temporary normalcy and really believe the best is yet to come.

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