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You can’t ignore the growing importance of remote work in today’s Covid-19 landscape. The fact that an earlier trend to work from home (WFH) has become mainstream within a few days is incredible.

Suddenly, the people who make up office workers are trying to set up workspaces at home. These new home offices will be interrupted by spouses, children and pets. Employees have less access to their network than ever before. If WFH becomes the new norm, companies will have to reassess their budgets to support the new WFH reality.

For companies born on the Internet like Oktopost, scalable and secure platforms have always been the order of the day. At Oktopost we see the opportunity for the SaaS industry to pave the way to a WFH-compatible lifestyle.

What is WFH compatible?

WFH Compatible is a self-certification that B2B SaaS companies can customize to provide security to customers and prospects alike. A company that considers itself WFH compatible can:

  1. Create your own page that explains why WFH is compatible
  2. Place the WFH-compatible logo on the website and the collateral
  3. Add the WFH-compatible logo to social media images

While companies are working to adapt to the times by empowering a remote workforce, Oktopost is launching #WFH Compatible on the market. The mission is simple: SaaS companies are leading the way in defining work-from-home compatible solutions. And we need your help!

It’s time to work from home!

Working and living spaces have been combined since the time of hunters and gatherers. This allowed the community to efficiently pool resources and collaborate effectively.

But it wasn’t until thousands of years later, around the 20th century, that the first commercial areas of work changed the way people worked. At that time, new inventions such as the telephone, the telegraph and the typewriter (forerunner of the remote office communication tools used today) catapulted the workforce forward.

Today we are witnessing how the rise of cloud-based SaaS technology has changed the development of future employees. Here is a look at the current situation:

Given the increasing complexity of SaaS technology, the challenge for many software vendors is to keep the software simple so remote workers can do their jobs efficiently and easily while providing the features and interfaces to keep brands up to date hold.

So where do we start when privileged work becomes mandatory from home?

Here are 5 WFH-compatible requirements for certifying your software

  1. Access to the platform with basic internet connection
  2. Ability to provide governance and compliance
  3. Developed to enable the separation of rights / access to data and functions
  4. Support for in-app messages / notifications
  5. Designed to visually show when users are online and using the app

When it comes to social media management software, the Oktopost platform was designed as a marketable, manageable and measurable solution.

As the only social media management and employee representation platform designed for B2B companies, Oktopost enables marketers to improve lead generation and customer experience by:

  • Management of social content on a large scale
  • Track valuable business metrics
  • Integration of social data in the entire marketing ecosystem

We appreciate that our customers depend on technology because their community depends on them.

Based on the requirements Oktopost is well qualified as a certified WFH-compatible company. In particular, octopost is:

Brand safe.

There is an approval process in many marketing teams. This requires reviewing and editing social media posts and messages before they are published. With Oktopost, you can easily set up one- or multi-stage approval processes called workflows. These processes are based on your requirements and are designed to help team members easily collaborate with, review, and approve social media content.

Being remote means that you want to enforce your marketing and communication guidelines. It also means preventing employees from abusing social media. Octopost allows you to define certain keywords and phrases that are prohibited from being used in posts and replies across the account.

With Oktopost’s roles and permissions, you can define the access level of your team members within the platform. Each account user is assigned a specific role. Each role has certain functions. Only approved users are allowed to access the brand’s social media accounts to ensure that social media language and messaging comply with the brand guidelines.

For tips on creating a social media policy for remote employees, see here.

Team sure.

To achieve top performance, a workforce needs an acceptable platform. Oktopost is 100% web-based and enables Oktopost users to work anytime, anywhere without having to download, install or update the platform. With an average availability of 99.99%, the Oktopost platform is easily accessible from any device connected to the Internet.

During this time, connection is key. Regardless of whether you share content across company channels or participate as a lawyer for employees, Oktopost sends email notifications to employees by default when certain events occur in your account. This guarantees that all team members are updated at the right time and in real time.

The social inbox summarizes all incoming social conversations in one place. This gives team members the ability to manage and track responses on a large scale. Whether you answer support or sales-related questions or forward conversations to the right representative – Oktopost offers you everything.

Every action that is carried out in relation to an assigned conversation is displayed on the Audit Trail. Teams can see when other users are online to ensure that conversations are taking place with available team members. Once a conversation has been assigned, multiple notifications are sent via both email and in-app notifications to keep everyone updated.

Budget sure.

For companies interested in long-term financial predictability and stability, investing in using a B2B social media management platform like Oktopost will single-handedly improve your investment in marketing automation.

Oktopost is an ROI positive platform. By connecting marketing automation platforms with Oktopost, your social lead data is no longer isolated.

It syncs automatically without manual input and gives you the ability to take a single view of your prospect’s journey and its diverse interactions. As a result, you can leverage this data through smarter lead scoring and maintenance programs, increasing pipeline sales. And if you want to survive in this uncertainty, this is a particularly important advantage for you!

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