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A few years ago a kale plant sown itself in my garden and I found two stray plants next to roses in container pots in the kitchen yard. They have thrived side by side. I left the kale alone as it became woodier from year to year, rarely harvested the leaves and intended to remove them entirely, but never got around to it. I took it for granted.

My relaxed attitude changed when the signs of an impending corona virus appeared
The crisis began to show. It was clear that
The availability and choice of food would be limited by months
Bottlenecks in general and that the opportunities for free shopping would be gone. For the first time, probably since the last
World War I food would be appreciated and food wasted frowned upon, and I looked
on the ragged kale in my rose pots with new affection and gratitude. I carefully picked some leaves to make sure I left
others grow and eat them gratefully.

There is already a new awareness of the essential and encouragement among many
Feeling of resilience and community spirit.
For people who live alone and families with young children
is particularly difficult with weeks, possibly months of social denial, and so on
the spontaneous efforts of fitness trainers, yoga teachers and chess
Teachers and others offer free online courses to keep us fit and mental
busy is wonderful. The inventiveness
and people’s ingenuity is impressive when I read about virtual cocktail parties
and coffee mornings, use of social media to stay in contact with groups and also as
Means of offering and receiving help.
The calm friendliness of the people is shown as GoodSam
The number of volunteers continues to grow well beyond the original goal and local food
Shops and restaurants become delivery services for their communities.

Society becomes simpler and adapts to survival and aid. Bureaucracy and rule books will be
abandoned: Hospitals have changed to adapt to the corona virus
Crises and decisions that would have taken months are made in minutes and are new
Hospitals will be built in a few days.
Money is finally the last consideration as a priority to save lives
and help for the new unemployed is paramount.
The day of reckoning is far away and our world will be so different
then that the old assumptions will be out of date.
It will really be a new world.

It is ironic that the real global crisis that climate change is could
were addressed with the same urgency and the same spirit of war,
Companies changing production lines to develop effective renewable energy and money
generously invested to change our fast and important life. Since the emissions due to the
In the Corona Virus Crisis, however, the planet is being helped despite our postponement. It didn’t have to be that way.

While a lot of good comes from our changing values ​​and community awareness,
There is also a lot of pain. We adapt to that
New world, at every moment there is loss and sadness, the pain of not being able to
to say goodbye, the enormous tiredness of those on the front who cry
Exhaustion and death all the time, including the enormous responsibility of
Executives we trust to do the right thing.

It is easy to think of ourselves at this point, but it would be wrong
Forget all the others who are very touched by these great events. Even though we are cut off in our homes for now,
Let us remember them with prayer and great gratitude for what they give and how
You teach. We might ask ourselves:
what we give and how we teach because in our own way we do it all the time.

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