Almost spring 2020 – uncertain times Home Renovation

Almost Spring 2020 – As most of you know, I usually finished projects / posts a few months in advance and planned to publish them. I don’t mean you don’t see what I’m working on, but the deadlines are killing me. It is what is. However, this does not fully apply to my personal updates / blog posts like this. I generally write these a few weeks (maybe a month) before they get out of here. (It’s about as close to a deadline as my fear allows.) However …

Since COVID-19 is currently changing our daily lives, I assume that I will probably update this post until it is published.

On Friday at 11:59 p.m., Minnesota moved to an animal shelter to close all nonessential businesses, etc. It turns out that my work is essential so that I can still work.

(Incidentally, our governor Walz held the most impressive press conference on Wednesday. It’s worth listening to. I’m so proud of my state. I was sitting behind a school bus in my car yesterday and watched them deliver lunch just to hide my eyes .)

We all practice hardcore social distancing, especially from my mother. It is totally grounded. We all agreed that nobody but me should set foot in their house, but only if I absolutely have to.

Spring 2020 – WTF

After twelve weeks and six chemotherapy treatments, my mother has only two treatments left!

Taking her to get her chemotherapy now feels like a hurry to get there, and then a hurry to get her home like we’re being followed or something!

I wouldn’t be surprised if I couldn’t even go to her last two treatments. Sandford currently allows one family member per patient, but I doubt it will take a long time, and rightly so.

After a break for her, she will drive to her major Mayo exam in Rochester and begin five weeks of radiation. She shouldn’t feel as crappy during radiation as chemotherapy, so her worst treatments and side effects are probably almost behind her.

Thank you for your kindness and love that were sent to us!

Almost spring 2020 – one day after the other.

The blog post I wrote a few weeks ago today really convinced me shake my head when i read it.

Isn’t it surprising how trivial things that we were concerned about a few weeks ago now seem so trivial?

I look forward to going back to that kind of normalcy (like everyone else), but I hope we all remember those days and have a better perspective on what’s actually important when they’re over.

This post was about the good news that Lodi and I decided to move in together.

A few weeks ago, Lodi’s apartment was sold and he found a cheap room for monthly payments in his city until he found a job here. In the meantime we have brought his furniture here and Annie is permanently with me at Grandma’s home.

Spring 2020 at Grandma DIY makes the decision for Lodi and Annie to move in with me here at Stoyrhardt Farm - I have roommates!

(Annie is a good little older doll. As a working dog for PTSD soldiers, she’s not particularly worried. She spends most of her time looking at me with the withering patience of a slightly annoyed but quiet person -loves- big sister.)

Last week I picked up the three basic food groups for my small farm: dog food, oats and alcohol. All of my beasts are set for a long time, no matter what happens and yes, I also have enough food for myself – I didn’t buy alcohol ONLY LOL.

I’ve been sitting all my life.

To work on something mandatory for my peace of mind and my mental health, but all of this has only killed my ambition. I didn’t get up from the couch or get out of bed last weekend. I only fed the animals and (sometimes) myself. That’s it.

But I think it’s understandable – I think we’re all going through it.

I think this spring 2020 will be summed up in one word:


I am waiting to find out what we have done is enough and waiting to be okay. Waiting for something normal – jobs, schools, bars, restaurants – are just waiting for answers of any kind.

PS: Let us spoil ourselves, our pets and our families a little. Let us be more patient and maybe some junk food that is normally prohibited. Let us give ourselves a break and only one goal to do this as safely as possible – we can take care of the rest later.

Spring 2020 in Grandma's DIY house makes tough decisions during the Covid-19 pandemic with a young relationship, uncertain times

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