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Rome was not built in a day and it will definitely not go down in days, weeks, months or even years.

One day when we can travel again, the first thing I will do is visit Rome. Those who have been before will understand me well. The American-British author Henry James put it very well: “She had always loved history, and in Rome there was history in the stones of the streets and the atoms of the sunshine.”

In Rome there is history in the stones of the streets and the atoms of the sunshine.

Buon Giorno! I arrived early in the morning on one of my trips to Rome and the airport taxi took me on a “scenic route” on the way to the hotel. This is usually the language for a taxi driver who pulls you quickly, but I was a willing victim early in Rome that morning.

It was quiet, there were only a handful of tourists, and the weather was still pleasantly cold in the early morning of May. Now we sometimes wonder why we remember certain things but forget others. And drive past the Colosseum Direct from a long-haul flight when you arrive in Rome is one of the things I know I will never forget.

The Roman colossus at night

It is equally memorable to see the Colosseum after dark. Most of the tourists are already gone at this point, and in my opinion, this is the best way to explore the interior of the Colosseum. I remember the underground chambers where horses and other animals are kept and where the gladiators stay before being lifted into the arena. If you’re a history buff or watched the movie Gladiator, this will definitely awe you and give you goose bumps at the same time.

The Vatican at night

I have to say that you have to visit some places in Rome twice – once a day, the others at night. The Vatican Museum is one such tourist attraction this is best to visit in the evening. Since most of it is inside anyway, late afternoon to evening visits offer the reward of remarkably fewer tourists and shorter to no queues.

Get your early morning caffeine in Sant Eustachio

The mornings in Rome are the best. I’m usually not a morning person, but I like to wake up early in Rome when there aren’t too many people on the street yet. In Rome I learned how to drink and appreciate coffee in the very busy and popular Cafe Sant’Eustachio. I was amazed to see the Romans take their coffee shot to start a very busy day.

Campo di Fiori in Rome

Another memory in Rome that I would like to revisit is an early morning walk to Campo di Fiori and participating in one of the many Rome food tours available.

One piece of advice I can give if you want to take one of these tours is that you have to arrive hungry! 2-3 hours pass quickly, especially if there are many meal stops along the way.

fed by Nonna Paola for lunch

I had many wonderful dining experiences in Rome, but one of the most memorable was when I had lunch from an Italian nonna (grandmother). Italian homemade food differs from your usual Italian cuisine, but is just as comforting.

Another thing that you cannot and will not miss in Rome is the abundance of gelatos.

If you are in Rome, enjoy an ice cream

There are at least one or two ice cream parlors on every street in Rome, and it’s easy to make an ice hops every day. However, if you want to enjoy and learn more about this most popular Italian frozen dessert, I recommend taking a food tour specializing in gelato. Musement offers many Rome food and dessert tours. One of these tours I’m interested in is mastering the art of making tiramisu and gelato (I dare say Italy’s greatest legacy?) With a chef.

There are simply too many things to see and do in Rome for a long time to decide that it is one of those cities that needs to be visited more than once. For beginners and those who want to take a crash course tour of Rome, Musement offers a small group tour that visits the Circus Maximus, the Caracalla Bath and the Aventine Hill.

Planning your trip and experiences in Rome can be overwhelming. But I’m glad that companies like Musement have done the curating for us. Browse their tours and you will see that they have been carefully selected, making the selection of tours to book easier and easier.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, so it definitely won’t be in a day or two. I save these memories so that I know what I have to experience again as soon as we can start traveling again. As they say, all roads lead to Rome and I can’t wait to be here again.

Have you been to Rome? What is your favorite part of it?


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