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Today we cooked some hearty snacks and bread … Bread is scarce like toilet paper. The last time I saw bread in stores was two weeks ago in the supermarket when someone had left bread in cans on the vegetable island. Needless to say I grabbed it, but it was the last bread in the store and I haven’t seen any since. The review of the basics has therefore become a necessity for us.

There are so many recipes for making bread, yogurt, cheese ……. Rediscovering how to restore the basics seems to be one thing worldwide as the locks have become amazingly imaginative.

I mean, who wants to risk infection if they’re in a three-hour queue waiting to get to the supermarkets? Let’s face it, we all want to avoid supermarkets now.

That is exactly what we did today. Cooked some tasty treats for the upcoming lockdown week. I won’t post any recipes here because there are so many to choose from, and I don’t actually have any recipes. It’s more like throwing things together and seeing what happens. It is delicious 99% of the time. Today we baked a loaf of white bread and opened some vegetable and non-vegetable versions of spinach, cheese and ham rolls, as well as a dozen mini-marmite and cheese bites. If I could recommend something, it would be my latest discovery – the humble silicone baking mat. I know they’re popular in the US, but they’re hard to come by here in New Zealand. I can’t believe how much easier everything is with this baking mat – I wouldn’t be without it !!

While I was cooking, a miniature human hung on pieces of spinach and cheese, which – falling out of the buns – while still making silent works of art, drew a still life work of art. Great!

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