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According to a recent survey by Booknet CanadaAs a nonprofit that helps the Canadian book industry, the top three reasons why Canadians read are relaxation, enjoyment and learning or improving skills.

These are all good reasons to curl up with a book. Unfortunately, between work, family, and the dozens of other commitments you face every day, it can be extremely difficult to take the time to complete a book in its entirety. But what if there was a way to speed up scrolling through your reading list?

Give that

Speed ​​Reading Mastery Bundle, a 6-course master class package that breaks down the best ways to read faster while maintaining understanding.

The benefits of reading faster go far beyond simply flipping through the books on your bedside table. Reading faster can help you absorb more information quickly, whether you’re reading self-help books at home or in the office.

From mastering memory to learning the skills required to complete 300 books a year, this training suite offers powerful quick-reading techniques used by Guinness world record holders that you can record yourself in a few hours.

Fall in love with reading again. With hours of best practices from Speed ​​Reading experts, the Speed ​​Reading Mastery Bundle only takes a weekend to learn, but the skills last a lifetime. Get it today for just $ 21.

Prices can change.

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