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From the seller:

My business has been my home for 32 years! The book trade has been my passion for so long. Everything I do and think includes books in one way or another. Every book I read, I think, “I know exactly which of our customers will love this” or “I think I will capitalize on this book”.

I look at people’s bookcases on TV and photos and try my best to see what people read on public transport. The thought of my beautiful shop, empty and unpopular, without energy and laughter from our customers, makes me indescribably sad. I am worried about our dear customers, some are over 70 years old. We are really so important to many of them.

I will miss my colleagues who are like a second family to me, and yes, of course I am concerned about how long this will take and what impact it will have on us in the long term.

Most of all, I miss my shop and the smell of books mixed with coffee. I miss the deliveries that, after all these years in the business, give me the same excitement when I open a bag and wonder what’s inside.

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