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Coronavirus lock down weekend 1: Swami and I are doing the dishes, cleaning the house! Believe it or not, I’m not kidding because when I wash dishes I sing his songs and I know he listens especially when I’m upset. The first thing people notice in my kitchen is a photo of Swami enjoying bhajans. What they don’t know is that this is the picture that fills me with joy, so I start singing when I do my kitchen chores and clean.

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If someone had told me that my life would change the way it was in the past ten days, I would have thought they were joking or pranking. My day starts and ends differently now. My life has never changed so much.

Since I work from home, I did the housework myself in the early morning. Cleaning the kitchen yourself every morning is quite a task. While I don’t live the privileged life that some friends think I do, I always had my maid service in the morning to keep everything clean and sparkling, especially the kitchen. But now they don’t come to work anymore. I assured them that no matter how long they are forced to stay at home, they will receive their full salaries.

When I come back to my kitchen, my day begins.

Life has so much to teach us if we can stop the ‘rush’ button in our hectic life.

I learned this valuable lesson from Swami in Prashanti Nilayam. Another nice lesson Swami taught me is the following “No task is under you” and “Every task is divine”.

If my ‘Seva’ used to come to Sai Kulwant Hall. In the past, I volunteered for additional tasks such as looking after older trailers or went to the north Indian canteen to clean dishes. I never felt a feeling of “Ugh” because Swami taught us to love the smallest tasks as a love offer.

The most boring tasks aren’t as silly as we think.

I have never lived a privileged life. I remember meeting a senior retired editor from a well-known newspaper and he was absolutely shocked to know that I do most of the housework, including washing my own clothes. Also, I don’t have the family support that most professionals have or can resume in an emergency – it makes it twice as difficult.

So yes, I should thank Swami for teaching me how to juggle many tasks at once – it’s called Prashanti Nilayam ‘Seva’ Training!

Cleaning the floor in the Sai Kulwant Hall until it shone, or stacking hundreds of dirty plates and dishes from hundreds of followers became an opportunity to sing! Swami taught us about every divine task.

Running to do tasks like fetching water to wipe the huge area of ​​the magnificent Sai Kulwant Hall became an act of love to connect with Swami.

If there is one thing you as parents can do for your child, I strongly recommend that you send them to Seva in Prashanti Nilayam.

You will learn to make the world a better, smoother and loving place.

You will learn to do good at all times, even when faced with hatred and doubt and all the negativity that exists in the world.

COVID-19 Lockdown: Set on golden memories

During this lock, when we are forced to stay at home, I always have my memories of Prashanti Nilayam in my heart and it still helps me today.

I think of my days in Prashanti Nilayam, when Swami watches and every “boring task” at home becomes a valuable offer.

Life has never been as meaningful and precious to me as it is now.

Yes, worries and depressing thoughts come and go more often than clouds in the sky.

If the milk supplies do not arrive at the gate on time and something is difficult to obtain, I feel concerned and responsible for my family. There is a feeling that the lock will last for up to forty days or longer, but let’s hope I did something wrong.

When I go to the first weekend of the 21-day ban, I realize that life is not easy at all.

I juggle tasks that I’ve never had before.

But I also learned something about myself.

I have found resilience within me.

I will not let go of this without learning some important lessons that the universe will teach me.

This is about examining myself as a seeker and expanding my inner and outer world.

How I survive and what I learn when I take these daily struggles as lessons.

This will be my love offer to Swami.

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