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(The boys make a terrarium for one of Jackson’s science lessons)

It is Friday! I joked on Instagram yesterday that it no longer looks like the weekends mean much of anything, and someone pointed out that they like the weekends because it feels like marking the passage of time – a week closer to the end of this craziness!

Tomorrow, officially, you will be stuck at home for two weeks, with as little left as possible and only a minimal connection to the outside world. It was hard, but at the same time it was a little refreshing – in the past few months it felt like our schedule was always too busy WAAAAAY and I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy the forced slowdown.

Of course I do desperate I miss hugging my parents, hanging out with our friends and going to Target.

But I try to focus on the positive and take it one day at a time. Because if I think too much about how long we could do that, my brain wants to implode.

One day at a time, my friends. This is the only way to overcome this.

I’ve been asked many times about games to be played while we’re banned. I’ve regularly shared countless game recommendations here on the blog (this is probably my most comprehensive list), but I thought it was worth a dedicated quarantine post. I’ll post some of our favorites on my Instagram stories later today (and I’ll add them to my board game highlight if you miss it live!), But here’s the full list of games I would recommend for our strange time Life at home.

For you + your partner

Here are some of the games Corey and I like to play when there are only two of us (you can play with more people if you have teenagers / other adults in the house, but they all work great with just two players).

And if you feel you can handle the irony, you can of course start a game at any time Pandemic heritage (It’s too early for us … haha)

For the family

Here are some of the games we love to play with Jackson – we’re pretty picky about children’s games and don’t enjoy the super basics like Candy Land, so we’re trying to get him to do more of what we can do all enjoy!

(Jackson is 6 years old, and I would say that each of these games is good for children in this general age group – some may need help if they haven’t played many games, but sometimes we only team up for games that Jackson play with!)

I hope it helps! I’d like to know what you’ve been playing with your family lately.

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I wish you a happy weekend!

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