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Given the number of times we use and misuse our keyboards each day, we have never really reinvented the wheel of this design. Or do we have ?! Keyboard designs are a fundamental part of our working day. Regardless of your style, here we have a keyboard that you can use to solve your problems that you didn’t know you had. A wavy keyboard that allows you to place your palms in a more natural format on a keyboard designed for designers so they can easily switch between software – we have a keyboard here that will solve your problems! Have fun working from home.

Say hello to Jeremy Lin’s Kolude KD-K1, an elegant external keyboard with a pretty interesting twist. The Kolude KD-K1 keyboard, with its round keys that are in a machined aluminum base and give it a neo-retro feel, is a visual delight with tactile scissor switch keys that also make it a great keyboard to type on. The Kolude KD-K1 was developed as the slimmer brother of Lofree keyboards and lies directly above these keys. A USB hub with USB-A and USB-C ports, an HDMI port and two card reader slots is integrated directly into the back of the KD-K1.

Vinicius Ara├║jo has developed a beautiful keyboard that makes the transition between the individual Adobe programs easier and saves the user hours when switching between Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator and Lightroom. The Adobe keyboard with stylish LED colors and striking material changes is a must for designers.

The Marko Oljaca off-keyboard has soft, rounded keys that are raised on independent “stems” and are not embedded in a solid surface. It is not only easy to clean, but also prevents the formation of dirt and residues. Even better, its seamless design makes it leakproof and waterproof. The organic shape is also ergonomically adjusted to maximize wrist comfort.

Vince Wang’s aura works without a screen and it’s all due to the pretty clever eye tracking infrared illuminators that locate eye details and reflection patterns to project the image directly onto the user’s retina! The futuristic technology doesn’t end here. In addition to the missing screen, there is also a concave keyboard with glow thru keys that has been combined with an adaptive input service for maximum productivity!

Sliding keyboard

A combination of keyboard and tablet, slide, contains, as the name suggests, a sliding element. The tablet can be easily pulled out or pushed in so that it hides behind the keyboard. If you only use the keyboard, the tablet remains part of it. Designer Cheolsu Park added a lock button to the product that prevents the keyboard from sliding up and down and staying firmly in place. The edges of the product have been centered with a weighty material to ensure that the product does not tip over in its expanded shape, especially when you type on the keyboard.


Yeong Seok Go’s Hidekey keyboard has a secret! The number pad is hidden. Hidden on the back of the keyboard, a quick sliding movement shows the number pad. The pad can simply be pulled out if necessary. Once used, you can easily slide it back in. So you always have a number pad available that improves the efficiency of your work without taking up too much space.

The first thing you notice when you see the ERGO K860 is its camel hump or, as Logitech calls it, the WAVE. The Logitech design team states that when you are completely relaxed (like your muscles when you float under water) your hands are not completely flat. You relax at a slight angle to the outside. The wave detail of the ERGO K860 lets your hands rest at exactly the same angle in order to achieve a more natural typing experience. The split keyboard layout also puts your hands in a spread shape so you can cover each key with your fingers. The keys, which are designed for a lifespan of 10 million keystrokes, have a slightly scooped concave shape that allows you to align your fingers better and type more securely.

The Lofree Four Seasons is quite similar to the keyboard built into the Mac, so it’s not a drastic change for Apple users. However, the keyboard is compatible with iOS, Windows and Android. The keys are supported by blue Gateron switches, which reduce pressure on your fingers as you type and prevent the risk of injury from repeated stress. It can be used wirelessly and with a cable, making it easy to carry. Equipped with an LED backlight, you can adjust the keyboard backlight in three stages so that you can use the keyboard easily, no matter where you are. With the Lofree Four Seasons you can connect and work with three different devices, your smartphone, your laptop and your tablet.

Modern technologies and retro styling collide and create a nostalgic kit with the retro keyboard from Azio Designs. The timeless design may draw your attention, but it is the beautiful integration of modern technology that it will maintain. The mechanical “Blue” keys offer tactile feedback that is both very satisfactory and reminiscent of typewriters! LED backlighting gently illuminates the keys and contributes to the beautiful mix of modern and retro design.

Royoles RoType is a neat, rollable keyboard. In contrast to the hideous flexible silicone / TPU keyboards that you can now find in new gadget shops, the RoType is elegant, professional and classy. With a wonderfully transparent keyboard that hugs and becomes the surface on which you place it, the RoType feels like typing in the air.

If you’ve ever tried to write in the cold, you know your fingers tend to lock due to the low temperatures. So imagine trying to type on a keyboard in the cold. Whether you’re working or playing, the Breez desktop hand warmer keeps your fingers warm as you clatter the keys on your USB or wireless keyboard. The horizontal cooler design warms your hands evenly while typing and covers the entire keyboard, so there is never a cold zone near the numpad.

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