It is the end of the world as we know it and I feel (not) good Mother

As a mother who raised children in South Africa, I expected to face the many challenges that our country brings with it. I tried to protect her as best I can from the reality of the dangers we face here. It is my privilege as her mother to protect her innocence for as long as possible. But over time and as they grow up, I can feel the facade collapse. They saw the informal settlements as we drove past, and they saw beggars by their car windows.

I knew that one day I would have to face the reality of the crime in South Africa, but not in my wildest dreams I would have thought that they would experience a global pandemic to the extent that we are now. My fear has been building up for many months, I suspected it was only a matter of time before the virus arrived on our local shores. It is frightening when our schools are closed, we have to stock up on food, isolate ourselves and now have to enter the block. It is even more difficult to do that while I hide my fear from my children.

And so I was behind closed doors in my bedroom, sobbing softly as the immensity of what lies ahead presses me so hard that sometimes I feel like I can’t breathe. There is no precedent, nothing to watch out for to give us courage and strength. The only place I can still find hope is God, and I now turn to Him and often think of a verse from the Bible that I used to calm down during school exams. “So don’t worry about tomorrow, because tomorrow will worry about yourself.” (Matthew 6.34)

While it’s still okay to cry and feel anxious and sad, keep in mind that it’s also important to rally and be strong again. Because your children are waiting for you in difficult times, and the coming days, weeks and months are guaranteed to be such times.

Stay at home. Stay safe.

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