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I originally expected the lockout to be slower, reconnect with what matters, and a welcome realignment of my values.

Maybe I’m doing it wrong, but the reality for me is that the pace was faster than ever. I am one of the lucky ones, but so far this happiness has been reflected in very long hours, when I was sitting at my desk and worried about my family, childcare, customers and the world.

I noticed how hard I can work without feeling like I’ve achieved anything.

It depends on thatZeigarnik effect“- the tendency to focus on all the things that we still have to do instead of the things that we have done.

Apparently the waiters can only remember the guests’ orders before serving – afterwards the brain simply lets go.

This is harmful because a story can grow easily, that we are busy, but not effectively. My mind easily slips into stories like “I’m a busy fool” or “I’m panicked”, which then makes me feel overwhelmed – like my body is ready for action, but I can’t imagine what that next real action is.

Checklists can help here dampening fearand give us one structure and crucial to help us Notice what works and what we have reached.

Atul Gawandees The checklist manifest shows how checklists improve results across a range of results, but checklists can also be useful in this current situation.

If you want to know how to create one, this article gives a step-by-step overview. However, if you want something created specifically for this blackout period, I created one
Daily-Resilience-Checklist-from-your-home-Checklist-27th-March.pdf (17 Downloads)
with specific questions that need to be answered in the morning and some other questions to consider when shutting down.

The goal is to help people:

  • Mindful Check in every morning with yourself;
  • Monitor your own Self-sufficiency;;
  • Job What works? and what not;
  • Embed effective habits consciousness and then hopefully in their routines.

I am already using this for myself and some customers and the response has been great.

I will revise and improve this over time and possibly convert it to an Excel document or an online tool (developers please contact us!).

Please let me know comments and suggestions for improvement in the comments below!

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