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Beef Totchos – Tater Tot Nachos Parenting

Are you looking for a fun and easy dinner for your family? Check out this deliciously simple and cheesy Beef totchos (Tater Tot Nachos)!

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Beef Totchos Recipe - Tater Tot Nachos

Beef Totchos – Tater Tot Nachos

If you’ve never had the pleasure of eating Tater Tot Nachos also known as “TotchosThen please do this for your family tonight! If you’re a tacos and nachos lover like me, you’ll love this simple dinner recipe!

Would you like to change things a little bit for dinner? This Beef totchos recipe is perfect and very easy for the family to throw together!

Beef Totchos Recipe Tater Tot Nachos

Where can I find the current recipe card?

If you would rather skip all of my cooking tips, important information for this recipe and similar recipe ideas, go directly to simple recipe for beef totchosJust scroll down to where you can find a printable recipe card.

Ready to serve beef totchos tater tot nachos

How easy is that to do?

Actually incredibly easy! Dinner is ready within 30-45 minutes!

Easy Beef Totchos Tater Tot Nachos

Ingredients for making beef totchos

To do that Simple beef totchos recipeyou need the following ingredients:

Cheesy Beef Totchos Tater Tot Nachos recipe

Kitchen appliances needed to make beef totchos

To create this recipe, you need the following tools:

Cheese coated beef Totchos Tater Tot Nachos

How to make beef totchos (Tater Tot Nachos)

Preheat your oven according to the instructions in the package Tater Tots. Cut your bag (s) with Tater Tots and align them with yours Baking paper or Stones. You want to line up your tater tots end to end so that you can fill up any available space on your baking trays or stones.

Frozen Tater Tots Ready to Cook for Beef Totchos Tater Tot Nachos

Bake your tater tots on the bag according to the manufacturer’s instructions, but subtract 10 minutes from the cooking time (since they bake with meat and cheese and we don’t want the tater tots to be overdone).

Tots ready to go into the oven to make beef totchos tater tot nachos

While the Tater Tots are cooking, brown your ground beef on the stove with one large pan and Rubber spatula. Cook the meat thoroughly, drain and then cook with the meat you want Taco spice according to the instructions in the package.

Fry the taco meat to make beef totchos Tater Tot Nachos

Once the Tater Tots are done, take them out of the oven and place them on the stove or countertop. They are browned, a little crispy, but still a little soft (and, above all, they can be cooked without burning).

Heated Tater Tots ready to make beef totchos Tater Tot Nachos

Using your rubber spatula, gently add the taco meat to the top of the tater tots (you can also use a slotted spoon).

Layer taco meat on tater tot to make beef totchos tater tot nachos

Start with a little at a time to make sure you coat the Tater Tots evenly. You also want to be gentle so as not to crush or smash the little ones by pressing too hard.

Cover tater tots with taco meat to prepare beef totchos. Tater Tot Nachos

Make sure to completely cover the little ones with meat. You can use the end of your rubber spatula to make sure it is evenly placed. Ideally, you want every crack and crevice (holy alliteration, Batman!) To be covered with the taco meat to ensure that every bite is meaty. You may not be using all of your taco meat (in this case, score! Remaining taco meat for later, age).

Taco meat layered on tots for beef totchos tater tot nachos

Here comes the funniest part – to coat it completely and completely with it grated cheese. Go ahead and choke it!

Cover with grated cheese to make beef totchos tater tot nachos

Since the tots are usually ready and the beef is already thoroughly cooked, we will only make the tots crispy and melt the cheese so that everything becomes one. This is the magic part, friends. Let’s put these baking sheets / stones back in the oven for at least ten minutes, if not longer.

Fresh from the oven Beef Totchos Tater Tot Nachos

The cheese should have melted thoroughly and ooey-gooey and definite sizzling should happen. It’s time friends!

Ready to devour beef totchos tater tot nachos

Grab a flat spatula to serve!

Out of the oven beef totchos recipe tater tot nachos

You can wait a few minutes for it to cool, or you can serve it right away!

Super Cheesy Beef Totchos Recipe - Tater Tot Nachos

Make sure you serve it with your favorite taco and nacho toppings, such as: Onions, pepper, Salsa, guacamole, Queso, sour cream, Jalapenos, and more!

Delicious beef Totchos Tater Tot Nachos recipe

In case you asked yourself, I voted for everyone. Ha! I mean, who doesn’t love a good load Taco or nacho dish like this? I’m all about the rubbers, man!

Plate of loaded beef totchos - Tater Tot Nachos recipe

What goes with this recipe?

Nachos are always served alone with a topping. However, if you are looking for a few side dishes, I can recommend our delicacies homemade corn bread recipe. It is insanely tasty and goes so well with all of our dishes from the Southwest! You can also opt for a delicious salad of your choice (to add a little more vegetables) or some kind of cheese rice (maybe salsa rice) or maybe ours Jalapeño corn casserole?

Other Awesome Tater Tot and Nacho / Taco Dinners

If you are in love with Tater Tots and want to do more Tater dead mealsor looking for more Nacho and taco dinner, Look at this!

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