5 ways restaurants can protect their customers (and profits) during COVID-19 : E-COMMERCE MARKETING

Unless you’ve lived in Antarctica for the past month – that’s probably how some of us feel with these quarantines – the news from COVID-19 has not escaped your attention. As economies around the world groan under the weight of a pandemic, companies of all shapes and sizes are turning to it E-commerce to survive the storm online: including restaurants.

In this post, we’ll focus specifically on how restaurants can build and open an online store to offer online orders that protect their earnings, increase brand awareness, and new doors for contacting customers during one of the biggest challenges probably open to face in our lives.

Offer food delivery and collection

Customers want more than ever that restaurants meet their needs (pun intended). In recent years we have seen more startups delivering groceries GrubHub and Eat24 popping up all over the world. Even before we were besieged by a pandemic, customers foamed at the mouth to get food at the push of a button.

In recent years, ordering food online has grown 300% faster than Dining in traffic. What’s more: According to data, online orders in the US are outperforming more and more orders over the phone NPD group.

As a result, restaurants are using online shops in greater numbers than ever before for their companies. And that’s four times true during the dangers of COVID-19.

Cafe MoxoFor example, uses their online shop to help customers order food online for delivery. This speeds up efficiency for customers who need it go Orders as the café can prepare these delivery requests in advance. The full menu is available and clickable. Customer-specific orders can be submitted and paid for directly in the online shop (or upon delivery).

The most important thing to take away: By adding an online shop, guests can place orders online for delivery or pick-up at the roadside. This makes it easier to connect to your restaurant and plan meals at a time when access to a grocery store isn’t always the easiest (or easiest) enticing prospect. The easier it is for customers to get their food, the more likely they are to order from you now and in the future.

More than ever, restaurants have to order online to survive. If your restaurant is affected COVID-19, Learn how Ecwid can help you move your restaurant order online with free tools and support.

Sell ​​gift cards

Gift cards are a nice thing. Customers spend more than every year $ 100 billion on gift cards. In addition, an average of 72% of buyers actually spend more than the value of these cards. Plus, gift cards are in front Earnings – If gift cards are sold but not used, your restaurant will earn money unconditionally.

In online shops, you can sell gift cards to customers around the world 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For example: Maybe one not in the country Aunt wants to send her niece a gift card to her favorite place for lunch. She buys a gift card online, emails it to her and can say, “Hey, get me lunch today!” with just a few clicks.

Find out more about selling gift cards for your restaurant with Ecwid E-commerce.

Sell ​​Gift Cards COVID-19 helps small businesses and restaurants

Gift cards in Ecwid

Sales of branded goods

Do you have food that your customers are crazy about? Maybe you just have a really great name? Whatever you have, there’s a good chance you’ll make smart goods out of it that your regulars will love. Surprisingly, customers are ready to represent their favorite restaurants when they have the opportunity.

At the moment, I have goods related to my favorites Small series Soda Company, a local brewery and two local surf shops. Especially if your restaurant is a must for visitors, customers want some merch to remember their experiences.

By selling branded items for your restaurant online, you can increase brand awareness and potentially benefit from it high margin Products. In addition, branded items are a great gift that can be sent to customers around the world. This means that your potential market of hungry locals is within driving distance to wherever you want to ship your products.

An example of branded items sold by a restaurant is Coffee to the northPoster.

With Ecwid you can sell branded products for your restaurant with just a few clicks. And the best thing about it? Restaurant owners don’t even have to have their own products in stock. Since Ecwid is integrated into Printful, the leading print-on-demand service, your Ecwid business takes over the entire process electronically. Whenever someone places an order in your online shop, Printful creates this product on request and sends it directly to the customer – without you ever touching it. Simply upload your logo or other image and then select the products you want to offer. As simple as that.

Sell ​​merchandise drop ship and print on request with Printful

Some of the products available through Printful

The possibilities of online retail are also not limited to clothing and accessories. If your restaurant is known for tailor-made food and drinks not perishable (Think of jams, teas, etc.), you can also sell them online!

The possibilities are endless when it comes to products that you can add and sell online.

Additional information: Rules and regulations for online food sales

Order collection

Especially now with new ones COVID-19 Regulations that allow restaurant customers to pick up orders in the store are a key feature for restaurants and bars around the world.

This is how it looks with the Ecwid pickup function, which allows you to specify several restaurant locations and the date and time of pickup:


Switching your restaurant to online orders has a positive side: you don’t need to enlarge your restaurant’s physical space to accommodate the increase in orders. Entrainment Ordering online means you can move more groceries without running out of tables.

Curbside pickup scheduling

Even with a global ban, customers still want to plan their schedules – even when they’re just eating. By adding a scheduled pickup or delivery, customers can plan for the food to be delivered exactly when they want to eat it.

Panda ExpressFor example, customers can book catering orders with their online shop four steps Process (place, time, order, payment.)

Order Panda Express online

Order Panda Express online

With scheduled delivery or roadside pickup, hungry customers get the food they want when they want it, and you can avoid customers standing in or around your restaurant and spreading germs while waiting for their order to be picked up. Social distancing for victory.

And because customers can plan their meals when they want, they have another good reason to order from someone else.

Find out more about Ecwid’s scheduled pickup feature, which allows you to organize large and small orders on time so your customers can pick them up from your physical location.

Order pick-up for companies and restaurants

Set up the planned order pickup in Ecwid

Other ways in which restaurants can use an online shop

After you have some concrete ideas on how your restaurant can use an online shop, let’s go over some of the other advantages.

  • Customers across the country can shop with it without having to stop by personally. Your restaurant has regular business hours, but wouldn’t it be nice if you could make money even with the lights off? With an online shop that is open around the clock, you offer the opportunity to make sales to customers all over the world from anywhere.
  • E-commerce marketing keeps the conversation going. When you sell products online, you have the option to collect email addresses. Take actionsAdd your products directly to your Instagram feed and advertise with flexible targeting options. It is very difficult to do this in a physical restaurant, but an online store creates a noiseless environment where you can keep in touch with your customers.
  • An online sales funnel is created. Even if the restaurant business is slow, you can rely on your online sales funnel for the money to flow into your business. People usually eat at certain times of the day, but online sales can take place anytime, day or night. With a strategy that keeps customers moving during the customer journey, you can make money while you sleep.
  • No additional space is required. Because an online shop is completely virtual, the company can expand without having to buy expensive physical storage space. Depending on your strategy and your business, opening your online store may involve some start-up costs. In most cases, however, these costs are negligible.

Start your restaurant’s online shop

Below is a brief summary of how your restaurant can use online orders to protect your business and your customers along the way COVID-19.

  1. Grocery delivery service
  2. Gift cards
  3. Sales of branded products
  4. Order collection
  5. Order planning

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. You can achieve so much with just a few clicks. If you want to move online, you can start using Ecwid in just 5 minutes. Let’s do this.

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