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“I am bored” is a sentence that I have spoken regularly for myself over the past 19 days, because until now I thought I had done everything under the sun to occupy myself in this unusual time: I chatted video to your heart’s content. I’ve played hide and seek with my dog ​​more times than I want to admit. I wondered if I should try to make Tik Tok famous. I have all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls. I gave myself (tragically) a manicure and (even more tragic) pedicure. I taught myself four guitar chords. In essence, I’ve done everything successfully to avoid actually doing things should done when I’m home.

Many of you may be in the same boat as I am, and postponing our dear friend (or, as you know, good old fear) stands in the way of achieving size – in this case we will do our best to take care of our homes. As much as we don’t want to admit it to ourselves, we probably all have a laundry list of tasks to check off and ideas for vision boards that are finally manifesting in reality tilt seem to be finished.

Well, get ready because that will change soon. It is high time that you and I gave our respective houses the pampering they deserve and the chance to let them live their best lives – because like us, they deserve it. Given the time we spend at home, this is all the more reason to take on some projects to improve them as much as possible. Here you will find information that will help you to turn your house or apartment into a really elegant retreat 25 of the best home projects and home improvement jobs you can tackle this weekend.

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1. Organize your drawers / cupboards for kitchen and bathroom

I’ll be honest, that’s always what I am to fear do and always postpone for months when it actually only takes a few hours (which causes me to roll my eyes at myself).

For the kitchen, first sort your mail / garbage drawer and shred all papers, letters and receipts that are not useful. Search all other drawers to organize things similar to cutlery, take-away menus, or stationery separately. For your bathroom or vanity, go through your makeup drawer and cosmetic cabinets to throw away all the old and expired, paint your makeup to decide whether you want to keep something or not, and get some Organizers added to make everything nice and tidy.

Some organizations to donate beauty or hygiene products to are:

2. Clean your makeup brush

We all love to hate that, but now is the perfect time to give ours Makeup brushes a nice little beauty in itself. I don’t know anything about you, but personally I haven’t spent a single day in the past two weeks putting a finger on a makeup brush (and probably won’t reach for one so quickly), so really no excuse for it Not Disinfect them as soon as possible. These guys contain a lot of bacteria and debris that can often cause our skin to do less than ideal things. So if you haven’t made it a habit Clean your brushes regularlyNow is the best time to start.

3. Clean your bathroom and kitchen thoroughly

We realized how important it is today Disinfect and disinfect our homes further, but you should definitely take the time to go over and dive deeper. Get in all of these places They pretended to be fine (but it’s really Ross Geller’s version of “good”), and scrub Your sinks, bathtubs, bathroom and kitchen sinks, drains, toilets, cupboards and kitchen appliances. Throw these bathroom and kitchen mats into the washing machine, shine the wooden floors and top it off with a beautiful vacuum cleaner. Honestly, this will also serve as a workout and you’ll end your cleansing ritual with a surge of endorphins and ultimately the most satisfying feeling of calm.

4. Free your fridge and pantry from expired / stale food

You may have stocked up on a ton of groceries recently, which could make your pantry and fridge look like they’re overflowing. Take some time to search the stuff that’s in the back and throw away expired food or opened bags / containers of food that you know you’re not done with. If you have unopened, unexpired, and non-perishable foods that you think can be spared for those in need, don’t hesitate Find a local grocery bank or organization to donate.

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5. Start a herb garden in time for the season

Since spring has officially started, many of us would like to start their annual gardening activities. For those of you who love to cook at home and are keen herb lovers (myself included), this is a great time to start your own herb garden! Many grocery stores and hardware stores sell herb seeds and small plants that can bloom and thrive quickly (and you can also order online). Whether it’s a good bit of square meter in your garden, a nice section on your balcony, or even a collection of small pots on your windowsill, there are Countless ways to grow fresh herbs in and around your home.

6. Paint the accent wall you’ve always thought of

Do you have a wall or two in your house that you have been concerned about? You might want to add some accent colors, clear all of your interiors, or even choose some amazing wallpaper– and now is the perfect time for it. Often these tasks can be intimidating, but don’t worry – we have thorough instructions on how to do it how to achieve your ideal look safely and successfully.

7. Sort your wardrobe

As every girls we love our fashion. We love to find some amazing new seasonal trends in wearing and curating capsule cabinets – but with that comes the responsibility of having to dissolve and reorganize our existing collection of items. Start by going through all of the things you own and “keeping”, “donating” and “throwing” (for heavily worn items) in piles. Then organize what is left over according to color, function, season or the most suitable route for you personally. For donations, there are some amazing organizations you can send to:

8. Give your outerwear some TLC

Outerwear is going through some of the toughest times – from walking with dogs, flying enough fur on me to create a brand new dog, to stains of salt, snow, and dirt on my dark boots. Take a little more time to lay out all of your wool coats and buffers. Lint roller and depill itand refresh them with some fabric spray. Give your shoes some love by polishing them and scrubbing out the cloudy parts thoroughly.

9. Have a wellness day for your dog

Do you have piles of fur in your house? This is a clear sign that it is time to groom your dog. Depending on your dog’s personality, this can either be a pampering and luxurious experience for them, the most worldly thing in the world, or a chance to make you their worst enemy. No matter what, your puppies will need a glamorous session at home as they may not be able to go to the groomer soon. Cut off their small nails, give them a subtle trim to freshen up their fur, take out some foamy shampoo and conditioner, and blow dry it with a nice blow dryer. You will wag your tail again in no time.

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