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A number of science fiction disadvantages that are being canceled are increasing. The last one to succumb to coronavirus is SFRA (Science Fiction Research Association). I was looking forward to the conference and hoped to be able to attend my first SFRA conference in 2020. However, this will not happen this year. Let us all hope and pray that in a few months it will get better and we will return to normal.

Here is the official announcement from SFRA.

Dear SFRA,

Unfortunately, I have to write to you today with the news that our planned meeting for July 2020 has been canceled due to the ongoing outbreak of the coronavirus. While both the Executive Committee and the organizers were still considering best practice, the final decision was made by Indiana University Bloomington, which has canceled all events on its campus by summer.

The Executive Committee would like to thank the local organizers of the conference, Rebekah Sheldon and De Witt Douglas Kilgore, for their hard work in organizing this conference and expressing regret to the entire organization that we cannot meet with you IU this year.

With regard to SFRA’s financial health, we would like to point out that the prospects for the organization are not bad due to this termination. We will not lose any money directly at the canceled conference. Given that our membership renewals are historically closely related to conference registration, we expect a fairly dramatic drop in membership this year. We ask – and we expect that we will certainly ask again this summer and fall – that if you are able to, consider renewing your membership in SFRA despite this termination.

In any case, we wish you all health, safety and security, wherever you are in these strange times.

Gerry Canavan
SFRA President

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