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“Corona virus is forcing a cultural change in real estate,” it said recently in Realtor magazine. Unfortunately, the pandemic is causing cultural change in many industries.

One of these changes is the mandate for social isolation. While many real estate agents would give up their business if they were 100 percent socially isolated, it is a wise move to move out of your broker’s office.

We understand that there are currently many different scenarios when it comes to working from home. In some areas, the children have not gone to school (which is a major challenge for the work-at-home agent), and the neighbors are also at home, which in many cases turns a once quiet neighborhood into a busy, noisy mess.

Apart from the unique challenges are Ways to start working on real estate from home. It all starts with setting up your workspace.

All of this and more are addressed at a round table with some of the top movers in the industry. Look at this here

Place, place, place

The location of your home office is critical, especially when the children are not at school. Even when children are not at home, there are plenty of distractions when trying to do your real estate work from home.

Place the office in the quietest area of ​​the house, far from the main traffic areas and the most popular meeting places for families.

Also consider the neighbors. If Joe next door uses his free time to experience his teenage years through music, make sure your office is on the other side of the house.

Set up your home office with the right equipment

Most of us who have worked from home for a long time know the value of the desk chair. Believe me, if it doesn’t support your back, if it kills your bum sitting in it, you won’t be doing much work.

What should you look for in an office chair? The people at offer a brilliant checklist and Rodney K. Lefler, DC, guides you through the must-haves in an ergonomic chair

The next thing to consider is the lighting. If you have chosen a windowless room, the lighting solutions you choose are not only important for your productivity, but also for your mood and eyesight.

Alan Hedge, a professor at Cornell University, claims that natural light is critical to productivity and reduces eye strain

The advantage of a window in your office is that the view outside helps to break the monotony.

Think of the lighting in your home office as “similar to dressing for a climate with changeable weather – it’s just layers,” said Christine Chang Hanway of

You need a ceiling light and then add other lights in areas of the office where you perform certain tasks. This can include a desk lamp and sconces near the filing cabinets.

Other tools for your body and psyche that you may want to add to your home office are:

When you do real estate work from home, pretend you’re in the office

It’s tempting to go from your bed to your office and work in your jams all day. However, productivity experts warn of this, as does Chris McHale in his latest installment In the lead podcast.

“Take a shower and get dressed. Treat it like a real job, ”said Barbara Larson, professor of management at Northeastern University, Brian Lufkin

It is important that the rest of the family, friends and neighbors treat your real estate work like a “real job” from home. Set limits right from the start. Here are some tactics that other agents have suggested:

  • “I work when the door is closed.”
  • “If I have my headphones on, please don’t bother me.”
  • “Just say” No “. No, I can’t pick up your child from school. No, I can’t wash your soccer jersey until I’m off work.”

The nice thing about the typical real estate transaction is that you can work electronically from the purchase of a house to the completion. It may take some time for certain customers to get the hang of it, but remind them that you are doing your part to smooth the curve and get life back to normal as soon as possible.

What other effects does COVID-19 have on the real estate industry? Take a look at the overall picture here.

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