PamKittyMorning: More protection on the spot Quilting

Good morning friends how are you I see so many other countries participating in the protection orders, and I hope you agree. I think (hope and pray) that it works and we can flatten the curve. I rarely go out all week sometimes, maybe just to the market, so it’s not a big change, but I miss the smaller pleasures of snapping like a Starbucks and taking a ride with Bret in the late afternoon of the weekend. Especially at this time of year when the hills are green and there are signs of spring. Of course we could still do that and I could make myself a cup of coffee at home, but I think you know what I mean.

EllisandHiggs watering can

You are probably already following the IG, so this is a repetition. I started working on that Ellis and Higgs Spring Garden quilt blocks. You are so cute. When I was just looking for the URL for you on the website, I saw the spring flower from last year’s block and maybe I need to get it now. So pretty.

EllisandHiggs tulips

I don’t know anything about you, but lately, concentrating has been a challenge and you can see from this chonky red tulip that I’ve missed a step. These blocks are so easy to sew, don’t get me wrong, it’s all me, not the patterns. But I tore a lot of seams in almost everyone.

EllisandHiggs tulips

I really dropped my standards, photos from my phone. I would never have done that before, but lately it has been so easy, the path of least resistance. Then when I come back to my desk, they look so bleached and overexposed. Sorry friends. I’m just so lazy now.

EllisandHiggs boat

The boot is such a cute design for me. The little buckle detail is so clever. Doesn’t it just jazz up your boots? (Is it me now? Someone who says ‘Jazz Up’? I think so.)

EllisandHiggs Bunny

I love the rabbit and how random the placement of the gingham was and what a small glow looked like in the rabbit’s eyes.

EllisandHiggs garden blocks

They’re all so cute together, don’t you think? It’s such a cute group of blocks. I wanted to make the larger quilt, but given my current focus, I’m sticking to the mini quilt. I can quilt it myself. There is more to do … garden tools and hmm, wheelbarrow and maybe the mole.

In other news we started a new puzzle. We have ended ours colorful cat puzzle the other day and I HAPPY had packed a few before we got locked up, so the next one is mostly brown baby Yoda Puzzle. It will be a challenge, even if the number of pieces is low. We need the slightly larger pieces so that we can see them with our bifocals. Talk about old people’s problems!

Ok, time to let you go Thank you for drinking coffee with me. The blog has always been a nice place for me and everyone has always been so nice. I hope you are well, you keep a good distance from others and stay safe. I know that we all appreciate that you have all the necessary jobs in public. xop

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