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Passover is known as the Festival of Freedom. And who is freer than the royal family? In Seder, all Jews should consider themselves kings. Some of the ways we demonstrate this are:

LEANING – As a sign of royalty, the sages taught that you have to lean to the left while drinking the wine and eating the matzoh. At the time of the Mishnah it was common for kings to eat in a relaxed position. (Think of pictures of Roman nobles eating.) In many Jewish homes, people cover the pillows on which they rest with fancy, decorated pillowcases. Indeed, decorating Passover pillowcases is a great way to involve the kids in preparing for the vacation.

RED WINE – While wine connoisseurs all over the world argue about white versus red, sweet versus dry, etc., Jewish tradition strongly recommends that the wine in Seder is red. Why red? In ancient times, wine merchants sometimes watered down white wines, making them cheaper and cheaper in terms of quality. Since we Jews live as kings tonight, red wine is recommended. Red wine is also reminiscent of the blood of the Jewish people slaughtered by Pharaoh. (However, if you strongly prefer white wine, be sure to drink it.)

Pouring the Wine – Would a King or Queen Pour Their Own Wine? Unlikely. With Seder, it is therefore customary not to pour your own wine. However, since the wine cups have to be refilled and most of us do not have a waiter at the Seder, it is common for everyone to fill the glass of the person next to them at the table.

This treat will be published again in honor of the Passover.

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