How Writing Can Help You Deal With Stress and Fear | Authoring assistance Writing

How Writing Can Help You Deal With Stress and Fear | Authoring assistance

In times of crisis and uncertainty, it is easy to feel anxious, anxious and overwhelmed. But like you react to difficult situations and isolation can help you process the event and ultimately reduce stress. For writers, one of the best ways to deal with strong emotions and a “new normal” is to write about what you experience and feel. Writer’s Relief contains some ideas that can help you deal with stress and manage your anxiety.

Writing opportunities can help you deal with stress, anxiety, and feeling overwhelmed

Writing ensures clarity and catharsis

Writing about confusing and scary times will help you organize your thoughts and possibly gain clarity. Expressive writing is a great way to deal with and understand the emotional impact. The catharsis felt like it provide mental relief– as well as relief with some physical symptoms! After writing about your fears, you may find that your shoulders are not so tight and your breathing becomes more natural.

Writing can help you feel less isolated and process your thoughts and feelings – it’s one way to feel less powerless.

By writing you stay connected to your tribe

When dealing with stress and turmoil, people want to feel connected. This can be more difficult if the situation does not allow you to meet with family, friends, or other writers.

But even if you stay in, you can connect with other authors and the writing community online! Join an online writing group – many groups use video conferencing software to get together virtually. There’s also a vibrant community of writers that’s available on social media: check out the friendly, supportive writers in the Writer’s Relief Café Group on Facebook.

You can develop calmness, hope, and determination by writing and reading what others have written. Writers are empowered by the words that reflect our souls. Our natural desire to connect with other people is reflected in what we write and for whom.

Writing allows you to make the most of new circumstances

If everything is turned upside down and nothing appears “normal”, whether you like it or not, you will have a lot of new things to write. If you are unable to keep up with your typical daily routine, you also have more time – and this time can be used for writing. Some scholars believe Shakespeare wrote King Lear while under quarantine. Let the bard serve as inspiration for the constructive use of a difficult situation!

This could be a good time to wipe off your novel manuscript and start editing, or maybe start writing the new book you’ve been thinking about. You can create your own project “Write a book in a month” – you don’t have to wait for NaNoWriMo! You can also use this time to finish a short story or poem that you put aside when you were busy, or to be inspired to write something completely different.

Here are some quotes to inspire, motivate, and help you focus on positivity:

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

“Challenges are gifts that force us to look for a new focus. Don’t fight them. Just find a new way to stand. “- Oprah Winfrey

“In times of great stress or adversity, it’s always best to stay busy, put your anger and energy into something positive.” – Lee Iacocca

“Doing something productive is a great way to reduce emotional stress. Let your mind do something that is productive. “- Ziggy Marley

“You can’t always control what’s going on outside. But you can always control what’s going on inside. “- Wayne Dyer

“Worries never take away their grief tomorrow; it just robs his joy today. “- Leo F. Buscaglia

“The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to prefer one thought to another.” – William James

“Don’t believe every concerned thought you have. Concerned thoughts are notoriously inaccurate.” – Renee Jain

“If you think taking care of yourself is selfish, change your mind. If you don’t, you are simply avoiding your responsibility. “- Ann Richards

“Learning to be silent, to be really silent and to let life happen – this silence becomes radiant.” – Morgan Freeman

Trying it out can get the best out of us – and lead to some of the best fonts. Meditate on your best self, the best self of humanity and a peaceful, healthy future. Words matter. Writing helps.

Question: Which activities help you to deal with stress and fear?

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