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Where we live, it’s pretty remote. It’s always quiet, so my morning walk with the boys this week goes for a lap across a field lined meadow and back, where I come across here and there the strange person who protected us from what’s going on outside. It shook me a bit today.

I was fine until I had to go out this morning. It was terrible, scary, and scary like a scene from a movie. Snakes formed in front of the shops, people standing a meter or more apart. In a normally friendly small town no one spoke, no one looked at one another, and if so, with suspicion.

I think the queues were all the more creepy because they didn’t move. Everyone looked like statues. Isolated individuals – because when I thought I would take Bubba to get my prescription, I hadn’t noticed that only a handful of people came into stores at the same time, but not two from the same family.

I was glad that Squeak had thrown himself on the floor and unusually asked “I will stay here” when we left because we had hardly gotten to the pharmacy as it is.

They only let one person through their doors at a time. Obviously we were both there and we were only allowed to enter after I pointed out that Bubba was nine years old and had autism and I would definitely not leave him outside. They weren’t happy, but neither were I when I was told we had to go and stand outside until they brought me my prescription.

I couldn’t wait inside if another “single” person wanted to come in. That didn’t seem rational to me, especially since the other stores let in a couple each and the pharmacist is big business, there are many aisles to isolate and my kid freaked out. But the manager had none of it, my requests fell on deaf ears and we were led outside.

Outside it felt vicious and insecure where people were wearing masks and looking at us with suspicion. It may sound dramatic, but I felt that the sanctuary was denied to us. We had to stand outside for fifteen minutes trying to distract Bubba with circuitry and stupidity. There was a lot of chatter with white noise, a lot of very fast speaking and we must not forget the whoop! What I thought of as a stress reliever had become a nightmare for him and me.

I know we need social isolation, I fully understand that, but are we already losing our humanity? People were pretty grumpy this morning, actually they were rude. And I understand that these are scary times, but being angry won’t improve the situation, will it? And scare a small child? Absolutely mean and unnecessary. There are ways to enforce regulations, protect people and still be human.

I had taken Bubba for the walk because he jumped around inside and I thought he needed to get out. He was really wired this morning, but taking him to our little town had been a little mistake.

The people walking around with masks and gloves irritated me, so I don’t know how much they frightened him. Well, I actually do when he started barking on the way back. I haven’t seen him freak out so much since we were in Melbourne City. It was another experience that you should never forget.

Next time something from “civilization” will be needed, “women” will be used. I and the boys stay in our meadow and wait.

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