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Credit unions have numerous advantages over banks and online lenders. Be sure of that. Regardless of whether you are looking for a loan or some other type of service such as investment products, most credit unions beat banks and online lenders. Your products are better, your fees are lower.

Let’s compare loans from credit unions with loans from banks and online lenders.

Credit unions against banks

Loans from credit unions are reliable and, in most cases, better than bank loans. But even if a loan from a credit union is more expensive than a loan from a bank, the difference is not significant. Loans from credit unions are limited to 18%. Personal loans are limited to 35.99%. Banks have high credit and income requirements and in most cases require a co-signer or a secured loan. Credit unions have low credit requirements. Instead, they try to find your actual ability to pay the loan on time and evaluate criteria such as your income and your debt-to-income ratio. There is not even a reason to compare payday loans with credit unions. Many people don’t know this, but the credit unions offer an alternative to payday loans that is limited to 28%. Payday loans are at 400% APR.

Credit unions against online lenders

The online marketplace for lenders is improving daily. Nowadays we can say that it is significantly better than before, but loans from credit unions are still cheaper. Although the credit unions have no significant credit requirements, they do not approve people with very bad credit. Even their payday loan alternative has credit requirements, and for people with very low credit the chances are slim. Here, payday loans beat credit unions because they offer loans to people with very low credit scores.

But credit unions have their drawbacks. And here we will discuss some of them.

Credit unions require you to become a member

Credit unions are something like banks. If they give you money, you have to become their regular member. This would mean that you must use all of their services from them.


When looking for a credit union, you should always research all of the credit unions available in your area and choose one that works best for you. Carefully review their services and decide which one is best for you. There are now national and local credit unions. You should research them all carefully before choosing one.

Credit unions have special requirements

You have found the best and cheapest loans and credit cards from your best credit unions and are ready to register. That’s great! However, they do not meet any other criteria. Most credit unions have some additional criteria such as the job and so on.


Review all credit union requirements and see if you qualify. If you are unsure, call them and ask.

Credit unions are making a tough credit request

Are you looking for a loan? What is the best way to find the best loan for you? Shopping spree! No other way. You can apply to many credit companies without worrying about your creditworthiness. Since all legitimate online lenders are making a soft request, this means that your credit rating will not decrease after applying to multiple lenders. Credit unions are making tough inquiries. So when you apply for a loan from a credit union, you shouldn’t apply to many at the same time.


Research and ask before you apply! You should carefully research all credit unions and make a list of them you want to register with. Then call them, explain their situation, which loans you are looking for and ask them if it is possible to get what you want. Then delete all credit unions from your list that would not be helpful. Choose your best from the rest and only apply with them.

Pro tip for bad credit:

Credit unions offer alternative payday loans. Many people still don’t know about it because many credit unions don’t list them on their main loan pages.


Because they have no interest in such products.

Payday loan alternatives are small loans of less than $ 1,000, limited to 28%.

How do you find out if your credit union offers a payday loan alternative?

Call them and ask. This is the best way.

Too many options

There are 5,757 Credit unions in the United States! There are over 100 US banks.

And how many of these banks are big? The largest banks in the U.S. are little more than 10, let’s say …

So if you’re looking for a bank, your choice is much easier than finding credit unions.

Actually, not all of these credit unions are for you. Most of them do not accept people from your region. Others do not meet your requirements. And so on. However, the number of credit unions that work for you is significantly higher than the number of banks. So you will have a lot of work to choose the best for you.

Less options

Big banks always beat credit unions in terms of products. This can be seen as an advantage, but also as a disadvantage. Go to some of the big banks and find out how many credit cards, loans and other products they offer. If you compare with a regular credit union, you will find that it offers fewer items.

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