21 business video ideas you can use today Design

We have made a lot of business videos at Canny lately.

We have done a lot, from videos with company overview and customer references to videos with service declarations and videos from team members.

One thing we hear too often is:

“I don’t know what kind of videos my company should do.”

Well, today we want to change that.

The rise of video as a communication and marketing tool can no longer be ignored.

If you put off because you’re too shy to step in front of the camera, or if you lack solid ideas, today is your lucky day.

In this post we will examine 21 interesting business video ideas.

Some can be rattled out in a few hours, others may take a considerable amount of time to make.

The idea is to make your gears spin and help you see How to use business videos to promote brand engagement.

As the process progresses, we’ll also add some examples to inspire you to dive into the world of creative business videos!

It’s time to take a break as we dive into the world of business video.

The video of the office or premises tour

If you have any physical space at all, this video idea is easy to throw straight out of the park.

Take your viewers on a trip through your office or your premises.

If you have a huge room, show people around. Show them the different areas and show them how things break down.

Or if it’s a tiny building you work in, show it to them too. If it’s appropriate, make a joke of it.

We made a video of the office tour on YouTube. In fact, it was one of the first videos we made when our videographer joined the team.

It’s not lightning. In fact, we filmed it on an iPhone. No fancy equipment required!

Check it out here:

Canny Creative Office Tour

You can get excited and use a gimbal or other stabilization device. But you don’t have to!

Do what you can to let people in and give them a behind-the-scenes look at how you and your team work.

Of course, this doesn’t work well for remote teams, but I’m sure you could have a creative video idea for that too.

Videos on the company, product and service overview

These overview videos are a must when you start creating your video content strategy.

Let’s take a look at the individual elements:

  • Company overview video: Used to present your company and your interests
  • Product overview video: Used to showcase your products and why they are useful
  • Service overview video: Used to show how your services can help your viewers.

There is not much more behind it.

There are countless different types and types of overview videos.

When you are in the bouncy castle, you want something carefree and fun.

When you’re in the funeral business, you want something down-to-earth, informative, and possibly even comforting.

Remember, just like creating an effective logo design, your videos must be appropriate!

Think of your audience and then design the style, news and tone of your overview video.

Explanatory videos

We were all at the receiving end of a poorly designed, poorly animated explanatory video at one point or another.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Explanatory videos show your audience exactly how your company can help them.

And there are several ways to do it too:

  • animation
  • Hand drawing
  • Write whiteboard
  • Sketching
  • Overhead camera of a real time situation

The idea behind an explanatory video is exactly that:

You explain something.

Typically, companies use them to show how they can help viewers solve a problem.

You can also use them to create a number of practical tips and tricks or to solve a number of small problems. You don’t just have to use them to sell your business.

That’s one thing when using videos in your content strategy.

It shouldn’t just be a sales tool. It’s more of a brand than a sale.

Use videos to raise awareness, help people, and sales will naturally occur below.

Onboarding videos

If you don’t just use your video for sales, you can also use it in your sales process.

Onboarding videos are a great idea to introduce new customers or customers to your company.

Imagine that you sent the proposal, they would like to work with you, you would like to work with them.

Then go ahead. You won the project!

You ping them a link and your happy smiling face appears, waves and welcomes you. What could be better?

Onboarding videos are a great way to personalize the last piece of the puzzle in your sales funnel.

And you can provide some really useful information.

At Canny, we’re currently making our own onboarding videos, but we’ll include the following:

  • A friendly welcome
  • Introduce the project team
  • Tell them what collaboration software we are using
  • Confirm your expectations
  • Tell them we’re looking forward to getting started!

An onboarding video is a great way to welcome people into the group while providing some useful details.

Case study videos

Case study videos are a great way to show visitors to your website exactly how to help your customers and clients.

You will study your most successful projects in depth.

They can be artistic, well-shot masterpieces. Or it can be straightforward, straightforward speaking videos.

Regardless of which stylistic decision you make, you want to clarify your point of view in these simple steps:

  1. Who is the customer?
  2. What work did you do together?
  3. What were the results

You can then provide the rest of the video with relevant stories and anecdotal snippets.

Case study videos are not only great for inbound marketing, they are also one of the rare types of videos that serve as outbound marketing tactics.

For example:

If you are into financial services, such as business insurance, you can use a well-made video case study to serve other similar customers.

As soon as a customer can imagine walking next to you in someone else’s shoes, you are on a winner!

Testimonial videos

Testimonial videos differ significantly from case study videos. However, they complement each other wonderfully.

If you feel particularly artistic, you can probably cut and edit the two to form a coherent story from start to finish.

We recently wrote a post that describes how to make great testimonial videos.

The main points you want to convey with video testimonials are:

  1. What work did you do together?
  2. What was the impact?
  3. Would they recommend you?

As you can see, this is not very different from the idea of ​​a case study video.

However, testimonials are all about you and your product or service, while the case study video is all about work and the customer.

The goal here is to get your customers to say, “I wholeheartedly recommend [your business name] to others. They are amazing!”

Testimonial videos can be used strategically on your website to guide visitors through key decision points.

For example:

You can try placing them next to conversion forms to improve the results.

Where case study videos add context, testimonial videos provide the evidence. They show that you can do what you say you do.

I would even say that they are one of the most important videos on the list.

Promotional videos

Promotional videos can be a difficult task to conquer.

They are the “top-selling” video on the list. If you go too far, you can get into a kind of pickle.

The purpose of the promotional video is to promote your company, your product or your service.

We previously reviewed overview videos that I think are a much better way to introduce your business and activities.

The promotional video is a little more detailed.

It says “buy one and get one for free!” or “10% discount, this weekend only!”

They are much more sales oriented and you have to be careful with them. However, they have their place.

You just need to know the person of your audience inside out and then tactically use these promotional videos to speak directly to them.

Corporate culture videos

Corporate culture videos can be difficult to explain, but it’s easier to watch them that way.

There are videos that explain or Build on your brand strategy.

For example, if we made these videos at Canny, we could make them around:

  • Partnership over profit
  • Small but nice
  • Great design always.

They are our brand values, but also with a bit of storytelling (what a video is about!) They explain our corporate culture.

Just like many other videos on the list, they can be short, snappy, and entertaining. Or highly polished, high quality and of high quality.

It really depends on the type of business you are.

However, corporate culture videos are a great way to build your brand story and really engage your customers and take them on your journey.

Social media videos

It goes without saying that most videos should be published on the right social media channels for your company.

However, have you focused on creating videos specifically for social media?

So don’t record a video, upload it to YouTube, and then link it from other channels.

It’s about creating videos for that particular social media outlet and creating them directly on this platform.

For example:

On Canny’s Instagram, one of our team members takes the hot spot for a rapid fire question on a Tuesday and Thursday.

It is not a super polished production, there is no identity, no super chic scene or any editing or audio work.

It’s just a “grab and go” video recorded on an iPhone.

We answer the question we are asked and it will then be uploaded. Not even a script! It’s great off the shelf, it makes us think, and it’s a great way to connect with social media.

You can technically upload this to any of your social media channels. However, keep in mind that the idea is to create suitable content for this channel.

Quick Fire questions are less than a minute long and therefore perfectly match the Instagram video format.

You could do something similar in your business. Not every video idea has to be forgotten.

The enemy of perfection is perfection. So think of some quick video ideas and create them!

Social media teaser trailer

One video idea that has become incredibly popular is the social media teaser trailer.

Think of it exactly like a movie (or film) trailer.

Let’s say you have a stunning YouTube series in the works. Well, you want to advertise it!

So you probably want to work together on something that you can post on social media as a teaser trailer.

The idea behind this video is simply to get someone excited about what’s coming.

Here you can influence media producers like Netflix, who are constantly releasing teasers and soundbites for upcoming shows.

Video voicemails

Telephone voicemails annoy almost everyone.

You are dead. A thing of the past.

However, video voicemails are a completely different fish kettle.

They are unique and exciting.

I was first introduced by video voicemails from the Wisita teamthat they use in their own marketing communications. They are a friendly and committed way to leave a message to people.

They can be used for:

  • First contact or cold range
  • Stay in touch with existing customers
  • Leave a quick note or reminder

And because they’re personalized, they have a much higher response rate.

Straight from the horse’s mouth:

“Not surprisingly, sales outreach emails containing video voicemails had a significantly higher click-through rate – 42% versus just 10%.”

This is a tremendous result, and it rightly deserves that video voicemails take their place on our list of interesting business video ideas.

Sales presentation videos

Sometimes it is simply impossible to personalize sales presentations.

Video sales presentations can step in here and make your life considerably easier.

First you get several settings. If you screw it up, don’t worry, you can shoot it again. It also takes the pressure off to deliver a personal presentation.

Sales presentation videos can also be used to make initial contact or to re-establish contact with an old lead or customer.

For example:

At Canny, we recently reached one of our older customers with a bespoke sales presentation video.

This, in turn, led us to set up another face-to-face meeting and sign a new contract.

Sales presentation videos and video voicemails often overlap, but both are powerful business video ideas!

Examples of sales presentations

Wistia has a great example of a sales presentation in action Here.

Live stream videos

Streaming live video is a trend that many companies shy away from because they don’t like the “anything could happen” approach.

However, I would like to urge companies to accept this!

Live video streams are great for:

  • Present a new idea
  • Show hosting of a question and answers
  • Show product

If you’re in the music or gaming industry, you’re very familiar with live stream videos.

They become commonplace on social media, and you also get a nice social “bump” when you go live.

Some platforms send push notifications when people go live, and it’s a good idea to use this.

If your company is honest and open, you don’t have to worry.

Include live streaming for your business!

Examples of livestream videos

Both Gary Vee and Chris Ducker Do a great job live streaming on Facebook.

Podcast videos

Business podcasts have been on the rise for several years.

Check out our list of the best business podcasts here.

And now people are filming them too.

Finally, as we discussed in our post on digital marketing strategy, there are only three types of content creation and consumption:

  • Written words
  • Video
  • Audio

And depending on who you are and what type of personality you have, you have a preference.

People started filming themselves and recording their podcast. In this way, they achieve the highest return on investment for their content.

When you film your podcast, you get a whole range of content that you can disassemble and use in different areas of your marketing.

The only thing is that your podcast guests are almost in the same place. Not many people want to see someone talking on a laptop!

If you’re not in the same place, you need to get creative. Try webcams or screen sharing.

Where there is a will, there’s a way!

Video series

Rewind ten years and the idea of ​​making your own video series would have been a totally unprofitable business idea.

You would probably have been laughed out of the room.

However, nowadays there are more brands than ever that create video content and in turn create great, bingeable series.

Not everyone wants to watch Netflix every day!

Brands like Wistia and Mailchimp double on “Brand affinity marketing. ”

This means that they don’t spend their marketing dollars on advertising, but on creating great content.

Here’s a great quote from Wistia about brand affinity marketing:

With Brand Affinity Marketing, companies invest in creating and distributing long-form content that can be seen rather than forcing viewers to interact with the same ad over and over again. This content naturally encourages viewers to spend more time with your brand and gives you the opportunity to make more personal contacts with them.

People come for the content, get involved in the brand and start using their products or services.

It’s a clever twist and proof of the power and strength of high quality content!

Full-length features or documentation

In line with the creation of Binge-Worthy series, brands also branch out and create their own feature films and documentaries in full length.

Well, that’s not something to take lightly and “try”.

Needless to say, a lot of hard work goes into planning and making a feature film.

But companies do it!

Patagonia, Invision and Mailchimp are among the names that make outstanding films.

And the films they make are not about their products or services. Sometimes they are not related at all.

Biting off a full-length feature film is probably the most ambitious and daunting idea for business videos on this list.

We haven’t tried Canny yet, but we have a notebook full of ideas!

There are simpler video ideas out there, but if you’ve ever dreamed of becoming Spielberg, there’s no better time than the present.

Customer profile videos

A customer profile differs from a testimonial video.

Testimonial videos are about your customers or customers talking about your business and how great it is.

The customer profile video is about you, profiling and what they do.

Essentially, you’re turning the testimonial video upside down.

Where they talked about you before, follow them, show people what they’re up to, and if your product features are great. If not, that’s fine too.

This video idea works for several reasons:

  1. It shows your customer or client that you appreciate him
  2. People like to see “behind the curtain” of other people’s lives
  3. If your product fits, it’s a great little Easter egg
  4. You engage at a higher level rather than viewing customers as a transaction company
  5. You may be able to capture part of your audience!

If you make a stunning video about one of your high quality customers and they love it, share it and you’re good to go.

It sounds like it could be a “waste of time”.

In the spirit of creating branded, observable, and binge-worthy content, someone would watch this while watching your customers see how great you are.

Videos from team members

This is something else that you can create relatively easily.

Profile videos of team members.

Instead of “Hello, I’m Tony, I’m the founder of Canny Creative,” it gets deeper and more personal.

“I’m Tony, founder of Canny Creative. I play drums, love wrestling and do X, Y and Z in my free time.”

They add levels of communication and allow viewers to learn more about your team.

If you are massively interested in basketball and know that our main designer is a big NBA fan, you know from the start that you have something in common.

It’s a trifle, but a well-recorded, insightful video for team members (which can then be added to email signatures!) Can help you stand out from the mile.

If you don’t want to profile each team member individually, you can create a comprehensive team video.

Remember that people shop with people. Let potential customers know who you are and what you care about.

Tips and tricks videos

When you surf on YouTube, you have two options:

You want to learn or be entertained.

Tips and tricks Videos play exactly in the education category.

I’ve spent countless hours watching Peter McKinnon’s videos about filmmaking. Fortunately, he’s also an entertaining guy. I think that explains its subscriber count!

By sharing tips and tricks about your business, you invite people behind the scenes.

They almost say:

“So you can do it, but if you can’t, let me know!”

We recently started ours Tips for designing business cards and tricks video. At Canny we showed how we design business cards.

It was already one of our most popular videos.

People love information. And if you can reveal your best tips and tricks when they are inevitable:

  • Can not be bothered
  • I have no time
  • I do not understand

They will ask for help.

In the Futur video series “Building a Brand” her customer Josh explains:

“I was looking for videos to design a logo. Came through The Futur and decided it would be easier to just rent them. “

This is exactly how the best tips and tricks for videos work.

Share your best information, create value with people, and the rest take care of themselves.

Your questions answered

This video can be referred to as “FAQ” or “Rapid Fire Questions”. However, it is about answering your most popular questions.

If you answer and post your frequently asked questions, you are:

  • Help people before they report and make sales easier
  • Address problems directly
  • People feel “less stupid” by giving them answers, and they are safer to get in touch with anything else.

It’s also not difficult to make videos.

Pick up your phone, sit in your chair, and answer three of your favorite questions.

As a bonus, you can include this in a FAQ on your website or even go live and ask questions from your audience.

Internal training videos

Internal training videos are less of an appealing idea for business videos than some of the others on the list.


Imagine you could video and upload all of your internal processes. Imagine how much logistics and a headache would be solved.

It’s not about depersonalization, it’s about creating video content that provides information.

It shows people exactly how certain things should be handled in your company.

Supermarkets in the UK often have videos about infeed, heavy lifting, security and protection.

Not every video you make has to be sales-oriented. You can use video to strengthen your internal team as well.

What could you create an internal training video about?

Well, it depends on what business you’re in. But with a little creative thinking, you can surely bring in some brilliant ideas!

Conclusion: 21 ideas for business videos that you can use today

There are many creative ideas for business videos.

You just have to choose one and get started! Once the video creation bug bites you, it’s hard to shake it off.

It seems daunting to start making business videos. But once these juices flow, they are difficult to stop.

We worked with one of our customers on a content strategy in which the world of business videos is very important.

They weren’t sure at first, but when they saw the results of their first testimonials, they were ready to get things going.

What kind of business video ideas have you developed for your company? Let us know in the comments below.

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