Yes, luxury vacations are possible in Kenya Luxury Travel

Talking about luxury is always something relative, but when we talk about luxury as an opportunity to have a unique and exclusive experience, Kenya is undoubtedly the perfect destination to find it. Far from becoming mass tourism, Kenya has used the natural wealth of its territory to carry out sustainable development that has preserved the cultures and customs of the 42 different tribes that coexist in the country and wildlife , which is protected not only in its national parks, but in the numerous private nature reserves that have arisen in places like the Laikipia area in the north of the country, next to Mount Kenya or in the popular Masai Mara Reserve.

Kenya has used the natural wealth of its territory to carry out sustainable development. For this reason, Kenya vacation destinations have become an exceptional travel destination, chosen by couples for their honeymoon or even families who want to give their children the experience of first-hand knowledge of the wildlife and diversity of Kenyan cultures.

Enjoy a dhow ride through the Lamu Archipelago

The Lamu Archipelago is one of Kenya’s gems, still little known for mass tourism, and one of the best places to separate. If you want to escape the everyday noise, either as a perfect highlight for a few days of safari or as a gift as a short vacation on the crystal-clear beaches and exclusive hotels. Let the calm envelop you Luxury destinations in Kenya Stroll through the three islands of Lamu, Pate and Manda in a traditional sailing boat (dhow) while enjoying a typical Dawa cocktail or a very cold Tusker beer.

Admire the Masai Mara Reserve from a balloon

A balloon safari during the day can be one of the best ways to enjoy the incredible landscapes of the Masai Mara Reserve from the air. The journey begins at dawn to take advantage of the favorable winds, and the globe is confused with the clouds and reddening of the African country reflected in its sky.

Once in the heights, the view over the vast area of ​​the savannah is surprising: zebras, wildebeests, gazelles, elephants, an endless number of wild animals and populated Masai huts, surrounded by cattle.

Enjoy the sunset on the banks of the EnwasoNyro (Shaba) river

The areas of Shaba National Park are one of Kenya’s great hidden treasures and a great unknown. In Shaba one seems to be part of the landscapes of the Garden of Eden: infinite areas that seem to have no borders, vast fields that bloom after the rainy season and attract hundreds of animals and a river, the EwasoNyiro, whose banks can be crossed in walking safaris .

Remember the story of Karen Blixen and her lover Finch-Hatton

Numerous stages of the Oscar winner “Memories of Africa” ​​have been preserved in Kenya to this day. You can even be the protagonist in colonial hotels such as the Norfolk of Nairobi or the Mount Kenya Safari Club in Nakuru National Park, which is populated by thousands of flamingos, in exclusive clubs that have now been converted into luxury golf courses or museums that store Kenya’s jewels history is hardly known.