We bring our best to Unbxd during WFH during COVID-19 E-COMMERCE

Like many other companies today, we were very much at Unbxd flexible and cool to work from home (both as a guideline and a must for all of our employees). But we never thought that WFH would be more of a constraint than a voluntary or situational question. And trust me when I say “we don’t love it”. The energy, passion and eagerness we get from seeing us in the office, a heart full of conversations over lunch and snacks, the intense table football sessions and uninterrupted coffee marathons – we miss every little bit of it.

We never knew we would react to WFH like this. Good!

What happened to all of us is just trials and difficult times for us and our families. And in such stressful times, we only do the best we can when we work from home.

For us, indeed, so that we are all productive – effective communication and collaboration is a must. Many of our teams conduct a short video catch-up session at the beginning of the day. It motivated us all and gave us energy to see each other and start our day. After all, nothing beats team spirit.

Many of the team leaders kept their zoom live for a set period of time, so everyone can come in and attend the zoom meeting to quickly share # Covid-19, create storyboards, have discussions, or have random discussions. Yes, we have sparked discussions / jokes and are trying our best to maintain the same atmosphere while we are all self-isolating in our homes. The tap for the availability of different leads was set up on the Slack channel, which everyone can access.

It is interesting to know that we were forced to leave the comfort zones. Probably there was such a wonderful camaraderie among the employees that many favors used to arise only by walking over the desk. But the mutual ping about sagging is now seen more often. We speak to more groups than just our teams. Overall, this turned out to be a big plus for us as a team.

We kept saying to ourselves that Unbxd is a big family, but we have never brought this family connection beyond the Unbxd family to the families at home. But that’s happening now. We broke the last barrier we had when we heard our colleagues ‘children and waved to our colleagues’ children, looked at the beautiful pets at home and got to know the home names of our friends and colleagues part of each other’s lives.

While we tried to be super positive and get the best out of the situation we got into, we’re all waiting to be back at our office address, drinking water from our labeled water bottles, and longing for that Tea coffee from our favorite seller. Maybe there is still time for that.

What motivates and encourages us is that our communication channel is still established and people still enjoy working during WFH and the Well-being of every employee and their families are not compromised (and neither is their commitment) – which says a lot about the fact that there has to be something that we at Unbxd do right that holds us together as always!

Stay home and stay safe! More strength for you and your families from the Unbxd family!

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