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“In a world where even the largest companies have to find new ways to reach customers, Impact offers a digital approach to the sometimes arcane business of the managing partners. After the company closed a $ 75 million round of financing, Gigabit talks to Impact CEO David A. Yovanno about the rapidly growing industry. “

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“In fact, we are the lucky ones, as many face uncertain times and have no way of working remotely. That is why we try to look for the positive in this situation and to adapt as best we can to this new way of working. A good example of this is that 55% of commuters report increased stress due to their commuting (RSPH, 2016), a stress that is now being alleviated. In addition, 70% (Pizano, 2017, letter for Pow Wow Now) of employees believe that offering flexible work makes a job more attractive to them, and what could be more flexible than working from home? Being surrounded by comfort at home can help alleviate stress and anxiety for some employees, despite the reality of the pandemic that is happening on their doorstep. “

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“Many of us – marketers or others – have been facing difficult times of uncertainty. The crash in the early 2000s, H1N1, and the real estate crisis that emerged in 2008 were all unprecedented territory for us. It took a while, but as always, curves are flattened and normality, albeit a new normal, always begins. “

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“During the current economic crisis, the calculation of many retailers has changed quickly and dramatically. Brands have evolved from a wide range of products to what customers need and buy.

This shift has created a massive problem of inventory aging for many brands, as they tie up their cash in goods that are no longer at the top of consumer shopping lists, as is seen as a discretionary option. As a result, these lower demand products tie up valuable working capital that could be used to replenish high demand items and employ people.

The need to move these products is compounded by the fact that many brands are dramatically reducing their spending on payment media and taking their traditional marketing tactics off the table to save money. This leaves little budget to advertise these products with less demand and get them from the warehouse. “

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“ShareASale partner tracking is now available to all traders and now offers integration with the Awin Advertiser MasterTag to make your company more future-proof.”

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“It is difficult to find the perfect marketing strategy for your business. Although you shouldn’t forget traditional marketing methods, it is equally important to have a good digital campaign that will keep you in touch with potential customers online.”

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“Many customers ask how quickly the affiliate channel can generate significant revenue and measure it against the percentage of total ecommerce revenue metrics. Check out this quick scale for a homewares company. And that’s the first 90 days after signing the contract! The integration of the tracking platform took several weeks! “

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“We have 7 new retailers for March so far, including rugged outdoors, crazy cap and more! Read about it below. “

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“While the situation is developing with coronavirus or COVID-19, many people are working from home for the first time. Even if you have worked remotely here and there, it can be different every day.

Here at AIM we have always been a 100% distant environment. Our team is scattered across the globe and many of us like to work while traveling. So we know a thing or two about how to stay focused and do it in a non-traditional setting, and we’re here to help!
After discussing the topic with the team, I put together and organized the most repetitive and helpful tips for everyone who wants to be as productive as possible in this difficult time. “

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“As the hub of digital commerce, Pepperjam is in a unique position to deliver insights that help our customers, partners and the broader industry deal with uncertainties. We understand that life is impacted, and we hope this index will help you in some ways as you face the short-term challenges as you plan for the coming months.

Pepperjam is seeing a surge in retailers who are turning to digital power channels as a safe haven given the current climate. This data, now in the Pepperjam Affiliate Marketing Sales Index, measures gross merchandise sales directly related to affiliate marketing for the period March 1-18 and compares these sales to the same period in 2019. ”

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“In this time of crisis, it is remarkable to see how many of our partners act quickly and exemplary and already offer encouragement, services and financial support to our needy communities. Please tell us your support so that we can highlight your work as encouraging words for everyone. – one of our Awin advertisers – now offers free instruction for families and teachers affected by school closings. Under Armor has extended its military discount to first aiders. And our publishing partner Forbes shows great ways we can all make a difference by pooling companies that give back during the coronavirus pandemic. “

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“Gone are the days when shopping on vacation was about the next big vacation in the fourth quarter. In our world, where multiple devices and options are always available, smart and savvy marketers need to think about creating campaigns for every vacation.

We have created a clear guide to help you stay one step ahead of your retail calendar. “

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