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If you want to expand your content marketing efforts, you need to create more content. For most companies, this means investing in outsourcing. Outsourcing all or part of your content marketing is cheaper than employing a full-time internal team. But how do you ensure that external contractors and freelancers produce content with a unified brand voice?

Your brand voice is more than just the tone and style in which your blog posts are written. It is the foundation of your entire brand. Maintaining a strong and consistent brand voice is critical to success in content marketing.

However, this does not mean that you have to write all of your content personally. Many brands publish content written by different authors, but you wouldn’t necessarily know it. What’s your secret

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  • Outsourcing content marketing does not mean that your content is inconsistent and does not have a clear brand voice.
  • Brand voice and style guidelines are essential. Make sure you give someone who is not familiar with your company a good overview of your brand.
  • You can integrate systems into your workflow to ensure that non-branded content does not get through the network.

1. Create a brand style guide

Your brand style guide is one of the most important keys to ensuring that your content is consistent.

Your style guide should not only cover the grammar and formatting settings, but also include guidelines for other authors so that they can emulate your brand style.


This document should provide background information about your organization, including your mission, values, and business goals.

It should also include detailed information about who your audience is. Presenting this information as a buyer can be a very helpful way for authors to create engaging content because they can take a specific reader into account when creating content.

Then define your brand tone, voice and personality. Would you like to appear corporate and professional or informal and friendly? Do you want to use humor? Is your brand serious or is it fun?

Complete your style guide with some examples of content that represents your brand. These examples are very useful for authors to use as the basis for emulating your style.

2. Assign a Brand Voice Editor

The elements that contribute to the representation of your brand voice are often very subtle. You can change a font drastically by making some small changes in terms of wording, sentence and paragraph length, and formatting.

A good editor can be very helpful in bringing together the work of different authors and making these small changes to ensure that all of your content is consistent and well represents your brand.

The editors can also give the authors valuable feedback on how they can adapt their work in the future in order to better adapt it to your existing brand content.

Your editor does not necessarily have to be internally employed, and it is certainly possible to achieve excellent results with more than one editor. The key is that they have a thorough understanding of your brand and content style and are able to customize content to their needs.

3. Pay attention to the styling

Your brand voice is not just about the words you say, but also how your content is displayed. In fact, most good branded content is instantly recognizable without even reading it.

Colors, images, and other formatting can help make your content appear more consistent.


Consider using a specific graphic style or image type to illustrate your written content. For example the Optinmonster blog Uses a consistent graphic style using the brand colors and logo to ensure that all content is branded at a glance.

Creating your own graphics can be time-consuming, but even photography can make a big contribution to representing your brand if you choose it carefully. Don’t want to take photos of smiling business people in corporate environments? Make sure you state this in your brand style guidelines.

4. Use a solid approval process

To ensure that all of these different aspects of maintaining a consistent brand voice are followed, you must set up an approval process to deregister each part.

Inconsistent styling, out-of-brand images, or content where the tone isn’t right can damage your brand. You should therefore ensure that any content you produce is a good representation of your brand.

An approval process involving various stakeholders and changes can be time consuming, especially if content is returned for revision at any time.

To avoid time and effort, optimize your processes with collaboration tools and, if possible, use automation to avoid delays.

5. Make sure your voice spans social media

Remember that it is also important (perhaps even more important) that the content you post on social media matches your brand voice.

Social media is one of the most frequently outsourced marketing tasks. Over 60 percent of companies outsource part of your social media marketing, mostly because it is time consuming but still very affordable – social media management services from around $ 15 an hour.

However, don’t make the mistake of believing that social media posts are only less important than your content on other channels.

Your audience can interact with your social media content every day. It is therefore important that your social posts are brand-related and have a unified voice in order to be able to optimally use this marketing channel.

6. Consider different aspects of outsourcing

Of course, there are many other aspects of content marketing that you can outsource if you want to continue doing the actual content creation internally.

Content distribution, advertising and measurement, analysis and reporting are important parts of the entire content marketing process that can be outsourced to third parties without compromising the quality of your content.

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