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Time for more Dealspotr offers and freebies to make your week even better. Everyone loves free products! Promotional gifts are fun. When we get free stuff, we feel like we’re getting a special little gift for nothing – just because! It’s a little extra that we can enjoy and it makes us feel special. We all love saving money – it’s a bit like a special club!

I recently wrote a post about what to buy for COVID-19 when you are in the grocery store. But then I started thinking – what about people who can’t come to the grocery store? Maybe your circumstances don’t allow them to go on an excursion to get what they need. That is why this post is here.

This is a special Dealspotr Deals post – all about food! Given the recent developments with the COVID-19 virus, the condition of our grocery stores and the isolation we have to endure, I thought it would be wise to list some food delivery offers! So these offers are all discounts on food delivery services, delivered food boxes, etc. I know that I usually don’t suggest investing in such things because of the additional costs associated with such services. But considering the circumstances, this can be an option that people can use. So here they are – offers for Grub Hub, Blue Apron, Purple Carrot, Home Chef, Good Food and HelloFresh.

Here are some freebies and offers from the Website to make your day a little more special. Dealspotr is a great website to find discounts and special prices for tons of products. All offers are curated by real people, so you don’t just see a lot of spam ads from companies. These are money-saving offers found by bloggers. They are tested before they are released so that you know they work and are real OFFERS. When you sign up, you can list specific categories or stores where you want to find discounts and free items. Click the link below to view it and sign up!

Joan Merrell

I earn rewards that help other shoppers save money.

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(If not all of them are “freebies” – some offers expire over time and are replaced by similar products or offers. But they are all great offers and have been proven to work.)

Here are the offers this week: delivered food boxes and delivery service for groceries. Hopefully these will help you. Maybe you can use this when you are in an area where it is simply not possible to get to the store. Maybe you have an older neighbor who would benefit from such a service. Perhaps your own state of health is preventing you from going to the grocery store regularly and you need a little help. In every situation, I hope you use these discount codes for yourself or others. Please share them with others who may need them!

Grub hub

Blue apron meal boxes

HelloFresh Meal Box delivery

Purple carrot flour boxes

Home Chef Meal Box delivery

Good food meal boxes

We all want to save money. What ideas or hacks do you use to help you? Share them in the comments below. Or share a link to a blog post or article you wrote about saving money. To save a little money every week, I like to use cashback apps on my phone. They help me make a little money in the supermarket with things that I buy anyway. You can also use them for clothes, food, pretty much anything else you do. Here are links to the two posts I wrote about the ones I used.

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