9 Obvious but overlooked ways to save money SINGLE MOM

Can you find moths in your wallet at the end of each month? Social factors play a role, but you have some control over your budget. There is a possibility that you will find several places to paren.

If you’re tired of having little money, try the following nine tips. Many of these strategies save money and reduce your carbon footprint. How to start!

1. Use fewer paper products

As the corona virus continues to rage, Paper products are in short supply. What better time is there to reduce your carbon footprint by reducing consumption? You will wash your hands after wiping. Therefore, reduce the number of sheets you take off the roll each time. You can also find bidet attachments for your toilet that you can use to flush, which exponentially reduces the need for tissue.

Instead of using paper towels to clean your countertops, invest in rags. You can even cut old t-shirts to use as a replacement. Use a handkerchief instead of handkerchiefs. Finally, practice social distancing and use disinfectants.

2. Warm up leftovers

What do you do with the leftovers when you enjoy a delicious meal? You can save a small fortune by pretending you’re “Chopped” on the successful Food Network show and reusing your leftovers. You can even warm up foods like ribs by wrapping in foil and slowly heat to 250 degrees.

Get creative with vegetables. You can turn leftover raw food into a soothing soup that warms you on cool days. Rice or potatoes can form the basis for a bowl-style starter. So throw in some corn and fried chicken for a KFC-like experience.

3. Sign up for rewards

Does your local grocery store offer rewards? If so, ring the bell in your wallet every time you shop, unless you sign up for one.

You can earn digital vouchers for the products you buy most often – without trimming Sunday newsletters. Some stores also award points and other free prizes on your birthday or anniversary.

4. Complete your purchases

Does your bank or credit union allow you to round up your daily debit card purchases to replenish your savings or investments? If not, why not? Open an Acorns account so that you can invest money painlessly?

If you spend $ 1.50 on a French fries order, the app automatically rounds up the additional $ 0.50 and adds it to your investment account. In this way, you can earn stocks through micro-purchases, even if you can’t afford to sell stocks.

5. Save your change

Your change can add up relatively quickly. So if you don’t have a piggy bank, invest in one today. Do you have little ones at home You can use coin-operated savings banks to give them valuable hours of money from an early age.

6. Improve your credit score

If your credit isn’t the best, you can pay thousands of dollars more in credit and credit card fees. You can Order a free credit report once a year from all major offices.

Use this and check it carefully. Dispute any inconsistencies with the offices or hire a credit repair company.

7. Reduce your water consumption

If you shower every day, you can use several liters of water, especially if you want to soak for a while. Instead, set an egg timer to no more than five minutes.

If you do this every time you take a shower – maybe treat yourself to one luxurious bath a week – you should save money on your utilities. If you don’t have low flow toilets and taps, install them when upgrading.

8. Change your lighting

Compact fluorescent lamp consumes 25% to 80% less electricity than conventional light bulbs. If you haven’t replaced your lightbulbs yet – perhaps because you still have some left over from a Costco run a long time ago – try to do so. Switching your lights can save you money.

Also consider taking down the heavy blinds and using natural light to illuminate your accommodation whenever possible. This way, you don’t need to use electricity at all and can improve your mood by watching natural scenes. With the window film you can look outside and at the same time prevent villains from looking into your porcelain collection.

9. Make coffee at home

If you have a longstanding coffee shop habit, now is the ideal time to brew your morning joe at home. If you buy 14 cups or more a week, you could save $ 70 a month by going home made.

You can also experiment by adding herbs like cinnamon and turmeric to your beans. These can offer additional health benefits as well as a taste boost.

Save money in this obvious but overlooked way

You don’t have to go hungry at the end of every month. Use these tips to have a few dollars in your wallet today!

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