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The COVID 19 outbreak has a significant impact on daily business and consumer behavior. In these times, small business owners and advertisers need to look for ways to build personalized and lasting relationships with their audience from a safe. Unprecedented times require adjustments to your online advertising and we can help you.

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We have put together six strategies to effectively serve Facebook and Instagram ads during the pandemic:

  1. Stay consistent and expand your powerful ads
  2. Build brand awareness with your online audience
  3. Find new leads and build your email marketing list of lead ads
  4. Focus on remarketing campaigns
  5. Test new advertising motifs and target groups
  6. Try out Facebook and Instagram Live

1. Stay consistent and expand your powerful ads

Facebook recently warned Advertisers who are likely to experience delays and errors due to the recent changes in personnel as they increasingly rely on automated systems to review new ads and trading lists. This means that when new ads are submitted or edited (e.g. changing copies, headings, images, targeting), the ad is subject to a new review policy. To avoid disrupting your ad, contact Facebook’s Director of Product Management Rob Leathern, Brands recommends that their ads perform better for them because new campaigns are re-reviewed:

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2. Build brand awareness with your online audience

With more consumers at home, more consumers are likely to surf the web to pass the time. In fact, this effect is already occurring, as Verizon recently reported Weekly week 20% increase in web traffic. With more impressions and shifts in competition, your CPM is likely to drop– –This is a good opportunity to get more out of your budget Facebook and Instagram. So far, we have seen a 12.7% decrease in CPM in our company compared to the previous month Facebook account– –and we watch it every day to see how it develops.

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If you are able, plan your ads in advance. This is the time when users search for content that they can consume. The content should be about the value your product or service offers and how you can benefit from it when you are ready to buy and / or plan for the future.

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Make sure your audiences are up-to-date on the latest news about your company and show how they can help you with business activities such as the following at these times:

  • Online shopping during a special offer.
  • Buy gift cards.
  • Write positive reviews online.
  • Shop online and / or by phone.
  • Order delivery / collection at the roadside, if available.

This is key, especially for small and local businesses.

3. Find new leads and build your email marketing list with Facebook lead ads

If your company is a service, online, and / or local company, you’re likely to send emails to keep your audience up to date with newsletters. If your business is slow or closed right now, this may be a good time to shift your strategy towards collecting new leads and emails instead of promoting sales.

With a Facebook lead ad Campaign you have the option:

  • Awaken interest with content.
  • Increase leads and signups for email newsletter campaigns.
  • Create an audience that you can send remarkets to later.

Example: If you work in the fitness industry, this is a good opportunity for you to promote a 30-day challenge that your audience could subscribe to. When you sell products, you can subscribe to your target audience to be the first to know when promotions, product launches and other important business updates are due.

A few things to consider:

  • When creating your lead gene form, less is more. Consumers are more likely to choose when they ask for more information from them. The general best practice rule is to leave no more than two fields such as name and email address.
  • Integrate with your CRM provider and set up your welcome newsletter to ensure you get instant content about your advertising campaign.

4. Focus on remarketing campaigns

According to Barilliance, over 75% buyers will leave your website without completing their purchase. With increasing surfing, now is a good time to get back in touch with previous website visitors and bring them back to your website with an incentive such as “free shipping” and special promotions.

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This is especially true for companies that are currently experiencing increased data traffic, e.g. B. fitness at home and healthy delivery options.

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In addition to website visitors, testing can also help you generate new potential leads and sales Engagement custom audienceswhich you can use to address users who have read your content on Facebook and Instagram.

This includes remarketing to those who liked, commented on, shared, or interacted with your Facebook and Instagram company pages, viewed your videos, or viewed / filled out a lead form. Remember, the more relevant you can become, the better your engagement will be. Segment your audience as much as possible.

5. Test new advertising motifs and target groups

Have you always wanted to test a new ad motif to see if your target audience is more concerned with certain images and news? If your business has slowed down or closed, it may now be time to test a new motif for a variety of audiences to gather information that will make your future campaigns more effective.

When testing new audiences, consider creating a new ad set rather than upgrading an existing one so that you can better understand the real impact. With new ad creatives, you want to test an ad that is already performing. This allows you to directly compare the results with an ad that you know works well for your business. This saves you time when analyzing the results.

Pro tip: You only want to test one element at a time to get a more detailed analysis. For example, if you want to test new images, do not make any changes to the headings or copies. Take a few days to monitor performance.

Here are some things you can test.

  • Target group orientation, demographic, interest-based or user-defined target groups.
  • Ad copy, including headings and CTAs.
  • Landing pages, including copying, drafting, and sending messages.
  • Ad motif such as pictures or videos.

And other media strategies bring me to # 6 …

6. Try Facebook and Instagram Live

For local businesses that are more hurt than ever, we encourage you to think about how you can change your business strategy to offer your products and / or services online and adapt to these unprecedented times. If this is not possible, contact your customers and prospects online Facebook and Instagram Live can still help.

Live videos allow you to connect with your audience more directly and authentically. We also know that effective video marketing can lead to higher conversions: get Facebook and Instagram live videos 3x more engagement than previously recorded videoos. So take your phone and start streaming to get in touch with your customers.

People who isolate themselves or practice social distancing will look for ways to connect with more people face to face. While this is not in direct contact, it is a current solution that provides the interaction and online experience your audience craves. Try to answer questions in real time, offer online check-ins, webinars, online demos and more to keep your target audience updated on the latest developments in your business.

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To run a successful live event, make sure your show is broadcast as clear and high resolution as possible. Try a practice session beforehand, but don’t stress too much. The purpose of the live stream is to provide a real, real reflection of your brand.

Overall, there is a positive and empathetic point of view that your company can take to get creative in a world of social distance. Take this opportunity to get creative and explore new ways to expand your reach through Facebook and Instagram.

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