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2020 Charge A, Stream II : Nigerian Education

The National Service Youth Corps, NYSC online registration process and the requirements for Charge “A” 2020 have been released for registration / mobilization of graduates. Potential corps members should see the following details.

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NYSC online registration details for Charge A 2020

National Service Youth Corps, NYSC online registration Details of the members of the Batch-A-Corps 2020. The requirements for registration / mobilization of graduates are listed below.

This is intended for all potential corps members, i.e. H. Nigerians who have studied at universities and mono / polytechnics at home and abroad say that the NYSC registration The portal has been opened and registration starts today Thursday February 20, 2020.

  1. On the NYSC registration portal ( If you are registering for the first time, click on “Mobilization 2020 Batch” A “and then on the” New Registration “link.
  2. The revalidation link only applies to those who were mobilized for batch “C” and previous batches in 2019, but not for the orientation camp.
  3. If you have previously registered and have not completed your registration or submission, do not create a new account. Instead, click on “Register here” to continue your registration with your previous username and password.
  4. No fingerprint via proxy.
  5. Make sure that the uploaded passport photo is very clear. Do not upload a passport photo wearing a hooded NYSC vest. You will not be registered in the camp if you do not meet the requirements.
  6. Don’t forget the username and password you used when you registered online
  7. Check your documents before submitting to avoid false information.
  8. From now on, NYSC will indicate the date of birth on the discharge certificates. For this purpose, you should make sure that your date of birth in the NYSC portal is correct. Otherwise, use the windows available in your dashboard to request a correction immediately after you register online.
  9. PCMs with incorrectly uploaded fingerprint and passport photos during online registration contact our State Secretariat before the orientation exercise begins. No change of passport photo after registration in the camp.
  10. Part-time graduates must register online to print their exclusion letter on their dashboard when PCMs can print their call letters.

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Important tips for potential Batch B Corps members during NYSC online registration:

  • No fingerprint via proxy. (Nobody should create a fingerprint for you. You should create the fingerprint.)
  • Make sure that the uploaded passport photo is very clear.
  • Don’t forget the username and password you used when you registered NYSC online.
  • Apply for spelling mistakes and reordering names on your dashboard. It continues even after the orientation exercise.
  • Check your documents before submitting to avoid false information.

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NYSC online registration procedures and requirements

Please note:

  • The website address is as follows:
  • Check the Senate list for a review of your documents.
  • If you are registering for the first time, click “Registration for Mobilization 2020 Batch B”.
  • If you have previously registered and have not completed your registration or submission, do not create a new account. Instead, click on “Register here” to continue your registration with your previous username and password.
  • If you have been mobilized in the previous batches and previously registered online but cannot get to the orientation camp, select the “Extension” link to re-validate your registration.

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To ensure seamless online registration of NYSC, potential Corps members (PCM) must observe the following to ensure strict compliance:

  1. Potential corps members should ensure that they have working email addresses that they can access and Nigerian phone numbers (GSM) to which they can register. This email address and phone numbers must be maintained throughout the service year.
  2. Locally trained PCMs are expected to use the correct enrollment numbers for registration.
  3. For locally trained graduates, only those who have their names listed on their institutions’ lists of results approved by the Senate / Academic Committee have access to the register on the NYSC portal.
  4. Potential Corps members trained abroad should note that ONLY those who have studied at accredited institutions are qualified to mobilize. Any potential Corps member trained abroad who has doubts about the accreditation status of their institution should contact the Federal Ministry of Education for review.
  5. Foreign-educated Nigerian graduates must visit the NYSC portal, register, and upload the following documents:
    1. West African School Certificate (WASC) (with at least 5 credits in 2 sessions) or equivalent or General Education Certificate (GCE O ‘Level) (with at least 5 credits in 2 sessions) or equivalent or NECO (with not less than 5 credits in 2 sessions) or equivalent or equivalent to NABTEB (with no less than 5 credits in 2 sessions) or equivalent or high school diploma or equivalent to those who have attended school in the U.S. etc.
    2. Certificates are not qualified for registration.
    3. Complete official transcript of the First Degree or HND program.
    4. International passport with the following pages;
      1. Personal data.
      2. Visa for the country of study.
      3. Date of first departure to the country of study and
      4. Date of arrival in Nigeria.
    5. Dual citizenship graduates must upload personal information pages from both international passports and present the passports for physical review at the orientation camp.
    6. It is the responsibility of potential corps members who have studied in non-English speaking countries to have their certificates and transcripts translated into English before uploading. The translated transcripts and certificates should also be submitted for physical review.
    7. All graduates in medicine, veterinary medicine, physiotherapy, radiology, optometry, medical laboratory science and pharmacy are expected to have their registration certificates with their professional associations. Payment slips will not be accepted.
  6. Foreign-educated graduates seeking mobilization for national service should NOT visit NYSC headquarters in Abuja to physically check their documents. The exercise is carried out in the orientation camps. They must print out their draft letters online and report to the orientation camps on their operational status. Foreign-educated graduates are expected to go to the camps with the original documents that they have uploaded for review.
  7. Preliminary certificates, who to contact, online printing, scanned and photocopied credentials are not allowed.
  8. Foreign-educated graduates who have registered for the exemption certificate must submit all of their academic certificates and international passport for physical verification when they pick up the certificate at the headquarters of the National Directorate in Abuja.
  9. All overseas-educated graduates who have registered and are excluded from service should also submit their academic credentials and international passport to the NYSC NDHQ in Abuja for physical review before printing exclusion letters online.
  10. All overseas trained Corps members who have registered but have not been called up in the last batch should register with the NYSC online registration portal to re-validate their registration. This group of people does not have to pay N3,000.00 (three thousand Naira) again.
  11. Anyone who presents a forged document is demobilized and decamped.
  12. Potential corps members should ensure that the passport photos used meet the following specifications:
    1. Make sure your face (eyes, nose, ears, mouth, and jaw) is fully curved without bending
    2. Make sure the picture fills the frame and is centralized
    3. Make sure the photo background is white or off-white with no shadows.
  13. Under no circumstances should potential corps members register with PROXY. You should also remember the fingers that were used for their biometric capture, as they are used for verification in the orientation camps. Those who cannot be verified with their biometrics in the orientation camp are not registered.
  14. It is expected that only potential corps members who wish to receive their call numbers via SMS and print their call letters online will pay the sum of three thousand naira (N3,000.00) (see NYSC portal).
  15. PCMs who do not want to pay the N3,000.00 have the option to go to their schools to collect their call numbers and call letters.
  16. All potential corps members who previously paid for online registration but were not mobilized do not have to pay again.
  17. Married female potential corps members (whether trained domestically or abroad) should upload copies of their marriage certificates, proof of name change, and their husband’s place of residence upon registration.
  18. The orientation camp is not ideal for pregnant and nursing mothers. Potential corps members in this category must therefore take care that they are not accommodated.
  19. Potential corps members with serious health problems should provide their TRUE HEALTH CONDITION when registering to allow them to operate under license.
  20. All part-time graduates are expected to register online and wait for their exclusion letter to be picked up at their various institutions. For those who are ready to print the exclusion letter online, this can only be done against payment of three thousand naira (N3, 000.00).

All the best!

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What you should know about NYSC

The NYSC program was created to reconstruct, reconcile, and rebuild the country after the civil war in Nigeria. The unfortunate forerunners in our national history gave impetus to the establishment of the National Youth Service Corps by Decree No. 24 of May 22, 1973, which found that the NYSC was founded “with a view to the proper promotion and development of common US relations” Young People in Nigeria and the Promotion of National Unity ”.

As a developing country. Nigeria continues to be plagued by the problems associated with underdevelopment, namely: poverty. Mass illiteracy, acute lack of a highly qualified workforce (combined with the most uneven distribution of available skilled workers), absolutely inadequate socio-economic infrastructure, housing. Water and sewage systems, road, health services and an effective communication system. . Given these almost unsolvable problems, which were exacerbated by the burden of reconstruction after the civil war, the government and people of Nigeria set new goals and objectives for the establishment of Nigeria as:

  • A united, strong and independent nation
  • a great and dynamic economy
  • a land of bright and full opportunities for all citizens
  • The government and people of Nigeria are not aware that solid and patriotic leadership is a prerequisite for the country’s rapid social and economic development. As a nation, Nigeria was less fortunate to have the kind of leadership that emerged immediately after independence to rule the country’s affairs. A tour whose achievements were poorly prepared despite their accomplishments. and generally not sufficiently motivated to address socio-economic development issues in the interest of the country as a whole.
  • There is no gain in saying that a country’s future depends on young people. The youth in Nigeria acknowledge this fact and have consistently claimed the leadership of the nation.
  • You can believe the saying that leaders are born and not made, but you also have to admit that leadership in a modern society requires a certain amount of preparation and orientation before this role is taken on.
  • Universities and other higher education institutions are normally expected to provide training for future leaders, except that, as we all know, these institutions are primarily committed to promoting learning, knowledge and training for good citizenship are. No wonder that the products of these institutions have been accused of being too elitist in their views, of not identifying with the plight of ordinary people, and of being unable to assess the situation of the vast majority of our people living in rural areas.
  • It was necessary to look beyond the immediate present and think about the future leadership of the country, which required the mobilization of certain categories of our youth through the National Youth Service Corps Scheme. This was done to give them the right guidance and orientation that is relevant to the needs of the country. Decree No. 24 of the National Youth Setvice Corps, which has now been repealed and replaced by Decree 51 of June 16, 1993, was then officially announced.
  • The primary aim of the program is to teach Nigerian youth the spirit of selfless service to the community and to emphasize the spirit of unity and fraternity of all Nigerians regardless of cultural or social background. The history of our country since independence has clearly shown the need for the unity of all of our people and has shown that no cultural or geographical unit can exist in isolation.


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