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West Seattle Bridge 01

SDOT found that in the event of a transportation disaster without the much larger, ongoing disaster, “accelerated cracking of concrete”In the West Seattle Bridge yesterday. They closed it indefinitely to all traffic on Monday at 7pm.

Mike Lindblom reports on the repairs on the order of months ($). Metro has a Transital alarm for affected routes (Likewise Delridge routes), which basically means staying on the low bridge and not missing any stops. The 21 Local missed a stop in the area as it will be the 37 when it comes back from a pandemic break. It will even be the low bridge closed to all except transit, Cargo and emergency vehicles.

The hits keep coming for long-suffering bus drivers from West Seattle, but they might have trouble getting noticed. If there is a silver lining, SDOT avoids the WSDOT mentality to remove transit priority when it is most needed. Quick measures with little traffic and new transit priorities are the best possible response from officials facing this problem.

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