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If you spend a lot of time with customers or suppliers as part of your business, a headset is a great investment. When buying a headset, however, there are various aspects to consider, from comfort and style to durability and functionality with apps such as Skype or other communication tools.

This guide will:

  • Explain what VoIP headsets are
  • The advantages of using headsets for calls
  • Features you should pay attention to when buying a headset

If you’re wondering what to look for when buying a VoIP headset, this guide will walk you through the key features to look out for.

What is a VOIP headset?

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol means that a PC or Mac user can use an existing Internet connection as a telephone line between other PCs as a voice Internet messaging service or as a landline phone. Because internet connections are paid monthly, the cost of making calls with a VoIP headset is minimal. Therefore, this is an excellent option for companies.

How much mobility is required?

Contact centers require their employees to have access to information on their computers when they receive calls. Therefore, wired headsets are usually fine since individuals don’t have to move around a lot. However, wireless headsets can be a better option for people who move a lot, e.g. B. Contact center supervisors who need the flexibility to move from one area to another.

Noise canceling or voice tube microphones

Noise-canceling microphones are best for busy offices where it can get loud, so the person who uses them can more easily route their calls because background noise is minimized. However, voice-tube microphones are perfect for normal environments because they ensure razor-sharp sound reproduction in quieter environments.

Protection against acoustic shock

The European Noise Abatement Directive was updated back in 2006, stating that call centers must maintain a noise level of 80 dB, although studies have shown that more than a fifth of UK centers exceed this level. To protect your workforce, it is important to buy headsets that are not only EU-compliant but also provide protection against high-intensity acoustic or acoustic shocks.

Mono or binaural

For most people, choosing monaural or binaural headsets depends on their personal preferences. With a single earphone, you can hear conversations with callers and listen to colleagues at the same time, so you can stay up to date at all times. However, binaural headsets allow you to focus fully on the call, making them great in noisy environments where it can be easy to get distracted.

Consider the future

It is important to buy headsets that can adapt to changing technologies. Some things to think about in this area are whether your company will be completely dependent on VoIP in the long run and whether your employees will work at their desks or on softphones or both. This ensures that the investments you make will work for your company as development progresses.

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