Three poems by Kirsty A. Niven – The BeZine Spirtuality


When purple clouds conquer the sky
It is easy to forget that it exists.
The moon lurks behind its thick veil.
A laugh of the moon rose in her throat.
Flanked by the flashes of the constellations,
It has nothing to fear.

I can still feel her watchful eyes
criticize every word, every movement.
Our content orbits an object of fascination,
a concept that she cannot understand.
Her glow went out, albeit temporarily,
A simple street lamp can be in the spotlight.

She can only watch in amazement.
The days of bullets and lightning wars
If we cross, the paths are over.
The starry battlefield, silent and empty.
And nobody else remembers
except the moon and me.

One night

The moment pauses in the silence of the night.
Heartbeats stopped. Voices lost with lust.
This dark cul-de-sac could make me anyone.
I’m sure that’s the only reason you’re here.
The lips still remain and no longer care about them.
happy to be broken just to feel something.

Light interrupts. The desire flees. Life keeps racing.
I can never be the girl you want
The fluorescence immediately devastates this illusion.
No parts of the body touch each other
and the familiar deafness begins again.
Your voice ends it with words that I forget.

Bird on the cable

My branch feet sway on this tight rope.
to wiggle desperately to freedom.
Claws cling and my drunk heart sings
Take my life in my feathered fingers.

It is so low to fall with broken wings
and I hurt so many just to get here.
Sorry tweet from my open beak,
I’m just trying to be free in my own way.

© 2020, Kirsty A. Niven

KIRSTY A. NIVEN lives in Dundee, Scotland. Your writing has appeared in anthologies Strength, the feminist agenda of the extraterrestrial Buddha and Landing. She has also appeared in several magazines and magazines, including The Republic of the Poet, Cicada Magazine, Monstrous Regiment and Silk + smoke. Kirsty’s work can also be found online on websites such as La Scrittrice, Anti-Heroin Chic and Poetry Breakfast. “

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