The women of Asilia celebrate: The women of Maa Trust and Asilia African Travel

Asilia is proud to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women around the world, and especially in East Africa, on March 8th for International Women’s Day. Throughout March, we’ll share stories from our camps, offices, and positive impact partners of inspiring women who have made a difference in their community. Follow the Asilia blog to read a new story every week.

This week we spoke to Resian Letoluo, the Maa Trust Pearl project Manager. Resian is from Olkinyei in Kenya. During her time with The Maa TrustWhen she looked at the relationship between development and conservation, she discovered that her passion is working with women in the Mara. As a Maasai woman, Resian feels obliged to use her skills to support and promote the Mara women by offering them new opportunities. For the trust’s scholarship program, she is a shining example of what these children can achieve in life. For Resian, her work in the trust is not just a job, it is her passion.

Why do you think The Maa Trust is important?

The Maa Trust plays an important role in protecting the Maasai Mara ecosystem. The trust does a really great job of improving the livelihood of the Masai community while protecting wildlife through a wide range of research-based development projects in education, skills, water and health, and sustainable livelihoods. Such initiatives are one way to maximize the benefits of conservation to the community when wildlife live on their land.

What are you most proud of when working with The Maa Trust?

The Maa Trust truly lives up to its mission and commitment to supporting nature conservation through the sustainable development of communities in the Masai Mara. By increasing the benefits that local communities receive through conservation, awareness of wildlife is enhanced.

The Maa Trust works with the community to identify their primary needs and then works with them to find solutions to those needs. We listen carefully to what they say, think and ask for, and focus more on what the donors want to give. By properly managing funds and ensuring that projects are developed and implemented in a sustainable manner, we empower people to support themselves.

How can Asilia guests get involved on a safari and make a difference?

The Asilia family gave us wings to fly in all aspects of the Maa Trust projects. From our largest customer for pearl products to supporting children at risk in our scholarship program. Through Maa Beadwork, 574 women continue to receive work from pearl orders, mainly from Asilia. Such orders lead to more income for women, which actually helps them to fulfill their family responsibilities, e.g. B. Pay school fees for their children, buy family groceries, and start small businesses. As we work to maximize the benefits of biodiversity and protection for the Maasai families, the local community can understand and help conserve wildlife on their land. Asilia and The Maa Trust work together with the community by involving them in the conservation process.

What is the best way for our guests to contribute or donate directly to support The Maa Trust’s efforts?

Please visit the Enables Africa site Our donation platform Asilia Giving is located here. You can select “Community-Based Project in Kenya” to donate to the Maa Trust’s efforts.

Which women do you look up to and admire the most in your life and why?

My dearest mother is the person I look up to the most. She is my teacher, consultant, role model and friend. It is the essence of good character, honesty and generosity. She gave me the love for people as a whole and gave me advice in a number of situations in an unimaginable amount. Without my mother, I would not be who I am today, and if I am half of the person she is, this will be my greatest achievement.

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