The chameleon and Claude check in Quilting

Claude the cockatoo color scheme at Clever Chameleon

The world is as crazy as a bored cockatoo… ..

Good! How the world can change in just two weeks!

Just check again … Yes, it’s only been two weeks since my last post. It certainly feels like age, doesn’t it? Since then, life has turned a bit upside down.

Claude the cockatoo

Last week my family attended our one-time personal school event for my children’s School of the Air. I admit: I was guessing wisdom all the time when the situation with the corona virus worsened. That made it pretty stressful. Thankfully, we are now back home and essentially barricaded within the (considerable) limits of the nature reserve that we call home. Arkaroola as a tourist destination has not accepted any guests since yesterday, and employees / residents who are no longer on site now have to isolate themselves when they return. So I cancel everything except online school, blogging, chatting via email, sewing and exploring the wilderness in my immediate vicinity. I feel happy … It’s pretty much what I signed up for in 2020 anyway. We are disappointed that we will of course not make friends / family in the coming months and we also care for everyone, but we are also aware that it is much easier for us to count our blessings than for many people.

How are you?

So I’m really checking in today to check on you. I hope you are healthy and safe and can remain so. If you’re locked up, I hope you have a long sewing list that keeps you busy and a host of other interests. If you are ill, I wish you mild symptoms and a speedy recovery. And that’s pretty much all I’m going to say about the coronavirus situation, unless things change dramatically. Not because I don’t care. But because I do it. The news becomes depressing and scary if you follow too much. Life is difficult for many right now. And so some of the things we really need now are friendship, laughter, and a little bit of relief. There are many things I can’t do for you, but I can do one thing. And you can do it for me too. We can stay connected online.

When I got home this evening after dinner, I saw the following. It seems that the chameleon has already committed to staying in touch with everyone. He switched our satellite internet connection to color. Excellent!

Rainbow ends at a satellite dish

Soooo…. clear, the chameleon sets its hand Leg up to continue being light entertainment for now. A coronavirus-free zone of “normality”. A place where you can come with your cup to be distracted for 5 minutes and protect your mental health. So sit back and let us crazy go a little bit here to keep you healthy!

Since I have no sewing to show this week, I meet with Claude

For a long time I gave up sewing and blogging with children. This time I didn’t even try it on our school camp trip. Instead, let me introduce our weekly color cardboard model. Claude is a cockatoo with a sulfur hood … a notoriously destructive and clever species of Australian bird. Claude is 44 years old, which makes him middle-aged in both cockatoo and human years. Unusual for a high-spirited captive, he doesn’t mimic human speech or action. Instead, he’s a real diva – a little needy and unpredictably moody. He lives in the educational campground where we stayed last week and is looking for the attention of everyone who walks by. Screech, flutter, look at me!

Claude the cockatoo

He has a hole in his cage just big enough to get his head through so you can stroke him. If you dare …

Claude the cockatoo

I spent quite a bit of time in the camp talking to Claude and giving in to his begging for pats. Until he bit me hard the day before last. I think I was warned, although he had tasted me gently many times. I just got a little complacent. Anyone who trusts these bulging eyes and beak is a fool. Or maybe just tired from the camp….

Claude is terribly soft and addictive. And he knows it. To be fair, there wasn’t much blood. Just a breach of trust. Nothing prevents me from continuing with the Lunarcy quilt tomorrow, now that the camp is finally unpacked and washed. Oh god, how I look forward to sewing again. My Chinese animal appliqués are waiting for me, although they are definitely a bit on everything that has happened! Lightly chewed fingers crossed, progress will be just around the corner.

Sew, let’s stay healthy together

I hope you will take care of your current state of mind by spending some time dealing with the positive things going on around the world. There are many beautiful and creative things that can be shared and admired. Here are a few for the start of our last Color & Inspiration party. Please attend this week’s party. There is no need to distance yourself socially from the chameleon unless you tend to get an imaginary frienditis.

Clever chameleon logo

Gretchen at Gretchen’s little corner joined our party with this beauty. When it’s done, this weak thing will be used for fundraisers. For more information, see Gretchen’s post.

Spring definitely bloomed at Nancy! Nancy has completed this beauty from Meadowland for her guild show challenge and is sure to lift your spirits.

There are nicer pictures of this project at Grace and Peace Quilting. Including giraffes. Don’t miss the giraffes!

Nancy's quilt

Andrée at Quilting and learning – what a combination! has completed this amazing piece of improvisation – the first in their Exit Strategy series. To learn more, including why this quilt is called Exit Strategy 1, visit Andrée’s post and related links. A shot in the arm of Andrée’s enthusiasm for the future will be a good tonic.

Exit Strategy 1 Quilt by Andrée

And finally, visit Susan, who put her shabby purple brick yard quilt together. Susan blogs Quilt fabrication, and has a quilt block tutorial that goes with this finish. So if you’re looking for a new project and want to do something similar, you can check out the information at Susan.

Susan's Brick Yard Quilt

Stay creative, stay connected! Come to the chameleon’s virtual party!

Clever cockatoo chameleon logo

Tell us – what are you working on or have you recently finished in your sewing room? We want to know so that we can visit and be inspired. Link a blog post, an IG post, or just a photo from your computer. See if you can get the chameleon to be quilted with happiness. We’d love to see your quilt colors!

  • Link your latest or current quilting / sewing excitement. All quilt building phases are welcome – finished quilts, quilt blocks – even fabric swatches! Or sources of inspiration!
  • You have 50 characters in the link description…. Tell us who you are and what your fantastic project is.
  • URL links are not required to link. Non-bloggers 100% welcome! If you don’t have a URL, you can only link to a photo.
  • Take a moment to visit some friends who have come to the party – let a little love and make your day. And a link back to Clever Chameleon is always appreciated.
  • Do it now……. before you forget!

The chameleon becomes a rainbow of pleasure when it hears from you. I am more reluctant and will respond gratefully by email instead. Now it’s your turn … Scroll to the end, leave me a comment and tell me what do you think? Thanks for connecting!

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