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Advice for Covid 19 School at Home mothers

All parents who are in a sudden school-to-homer position, my heart goes out to you. You are in a difficult position between school and home education.
What you do is not homework or homework. They are more likely to do school at home, which is something completely different … and something that most home teachers run away from and advise against because we know that it brings tears, stress and overwhelming.

I am not here to tell you what to do or not to do. I know that many of your schools are doing homework for your children that you are likely to do.
But what I want to say is that if you are successful in this turbulent time and want to keep all hair in touch, you have to let go of the school expectations of your family. You need to start rethinking how you see education through the lens of your home, rather than through the lens of the school.
This is a time that when you want to hug, your family could benefit endlessly. far beyond academic expectations.

Rethink learning through the lens from home, not school

I would like to invite you to rethink your knowledge of school education and how it might look at home instead. Your At home.

Her childhood memories of school and what classroom learning looks like are not what it will look like in a family environment. And why should you want it at all? Neither you nor your children want to live in a school. So don’t try to turn your home into one.

Schools require schedule and rigidity.
Houses live on routine and flexibility.

Schools need authority and instruction.
Houses live from partnership and cooperation.

Schools require groups that are organized strictly by age.
Houses live from the interaction of young and old side by side.

Schools need quiet classrooms and lessons.
Houses thrive on juicy conversations and interesting discoveries.

Schools require a separation of emotions and feelings.
Houses live by recognizing inner thoughts and emotional states and not by hiding them.

Put your home at the center of your family’s learning during this time.
You are not a teacher and you do not need your children to be one. However, what they want and need is you; mummy.

Make sure you consider the characteristics of your home before considering school expectations, whether you are doing tasks that your school has assigned you or you need to do the tasks you choose.
Now let me ask you to think about home. What do you think of? Stop for a moment and think.

I will tell you what comes to me:
Essen, home cooking
Be yourself

There is no building at home. It doesn’t have to be something you own either. We always rented ours.
The family is what defines a home. You’re the one.
At home is an escape from the hustle and bustle of the outside world and offers warmth, comfort and security. It is a place to relax and find comfort. It is a place of belonging and welcome.
Home is home and there really is no comparable place.
Home is where the heart is. Families are born here and memories are awakened. Home is a place of care and happiness. A hidden place away from prying eyes where you can laugh, love and play.

Indeed, home can also be a place of sadness and difficulty. I’m not trying to paint an Instagram filtered picture of unrealism here that makes us all inadequate because I am sure that there is not one person who reads this and who at some point no longer worries. All families do it.
There is no home without many problems. Loved ones get sick. Income is lost. Marriages have problems. Mothers suffer from depression. Landlords do not always carry out repairs. But in and among all the challenges we may face, home and what it represents for us and our family can never be replaced. And it is always our feeling of home and togetherness that we all return to and try to stay alive.

learn at home

Find your inspiration

When it comes to family education, the first place to get inspiration is not school, but your home.

What should your home be
What does it mean to you
What makes you feel at home?

Embrace these features and prioritize them in this troubled time you are in while schools are closed.
Your home should be the focus, it is the foundation on which the education you cultivate with your children is laid.

Further help for school at home

If you are looking for advice to help you at home during this time, I have free PDF eBooks that you may find useful and enjoyable while reading insha’Allah.
While what you are doing is not a home education, the advice in these eBooks is certainly transferable to your current situation … and may even help you take a step into home education for your family once this pandemic insha’Allah ends

Home Learning (an eBook created to help Covid-19 school mothers)
Advice for the Muslim homeschooler
Homeschooling your preschooler
Brief instructions for starting homeschool

Surviving online workshop for home school

Sunday, March 29th I offer a free one-time live workshop to help my friends at school at home, insha’Allah.
This is a purely female event and you must swear to Allah that you are female and do not allow men to listen while you are participating.
Learn more about my free Surviving School At Home workshop.

Advice for Covid 19 School at Home mothers

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