Staging a Wadeview Park Home on Zombie House Flipping (S2 E9) Scandinavian

The Orlando real estate scene continues to have unique properties that desperately need TLC. In the second season of Zombie House Flipping, episode nine, the zombie team managed to fight over one of their most stubborn houses to date.

Embedded in a great school district in Wadeview ParkThe starter house in this episode is one of the smallest zombies the team has tackled. Still, there were as many challenges as the bigger zombies.

Keith immediately diagnosed a lumpy roof and the interior looked like real zombies lived in the apartment. The windowless kitchen and the winter garden infested with spiders made the team skeptical about taking on the project. Fortunately, Ashlee volunteered to take charge of the design and The team decided to press ahead with the purchase. We are so glad that they did it!

About the Wadeview Park Zombie

Wadeview Park's home living room on Zombie House Flipping Season two episode nine

Despite a snake infestation and a 30-foot branch crashing through the living room, the house had a lot to offer in the second season of the second episode of Zombie House Flipping. It is located in a great school district and in a desirable emerging neighborhood near downtown. Ashlee’s vision transformed the house from a 2/1 to a 3/2, which really enabled the MHM professional staging team to maximize the opportunities for buyers to introduce themselves in the house.

Staging of the house

The MHM team loved to stage this Wadeview Park zombie. The additional dining room and Ashlee’s decision to build a vaulted roof line created a unique and fascinating modern atmosphere that we were able to complement with clean and contemporary furniture and decorative elements throughout the house. We also loved the light blue color Ashlee chose for the interior!

In the living room

Wadeview Park's home living room on Zombie House Flipping Season two episode nine

The modern Clerics window allowed tons of natural light into the living room. We staged this room with neutral fabric seats that softened the modern lines in the room. Vertical works of art highlighted the beautiful vaulted ceiling that made this room so special.

In the dining room

Wadeview Park's Home Dining Room in Zombie House Flipping Season Two, Episode nine
Sideboard with silver candlesticks and a blue and white leaf print hanging above
Dining table with white plates, blue cloth napkins and a centerpiece with white flowers

We staged the elegant dining room with gray and blue chairs to reflect the gray floor tiles and blue walls. We also included a blue and white abstract painting by our founder and CEO Megan Morris to tie the whole room together.

In the kitchen

Kitchen staged with white orchids and a blue vase

The elegant, modern kitchen is eye-catching and beautiful. Sometimes a hint of green and a simple fruit bowl is enough for buyers to imagine cooking dinner for their families.

In the master bedroom

Wadeview Park House master bedroom in Zombie House Flipping season two, episode nine

Our stagers continued to use soft fabrics and complementary colors in the master bedroom to create a cozy and inviting space. The oversized rectangular art reflects the large rectangular windows and gives the room a coherent and targeted design.

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In the master bath

Master bathroom staged with artwork and fresh white towels

A hint of green and soft white towels balances the harder materials in this room. The softer elements create perfect harmony and a spa-like retreat.

In the guest room

Guest rooms of the Wadeview Park house in Zombie House Flipping season two, episode nine

In the guest room, a striking headboard ensures that the double bed feels larger than it actually is. The decorative art on both sides of the window gives this room even more visual interest. Wooden bedside tables complete the materials and textures.

Watch us on Zombie House Flipping!

We loved to stage this former Wadeview Park zombie for the zombie house flipping crew. Be sure to see Season two episode nine of Zombie House Flipping to see all the pitfalls the team had to overcome to create this beautiful house. Log in to your TV provider Check out Zombie House Flipping online.

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