Simply add light and stir: key to knowledge Unschooling

One of a child’s best tools is to learn to ask, “What is it?” It is one of a baby’s keys to knowledge. “Sa-sat?” said one of my children. Show hundreds of times. “Sa-sat?” Another said, “Aht-dat?”

Categories are formed with names for things. Some small fur animals ARE “dogs” and others are not. “Not” needs a different name.

When naming, a researcher named J. Doug McGlothlin wrote, “A child has a natural desire to name an object by name, and he uses that natural desire to help him learn the language. He gets real pleasure when he does just pointing out something and He never keeps it by name. He never thinks it’s stupid or silly to say something that others might think is obvious. For him it’s delightful. “
Photo by Cass Kotrba

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