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Rev. Susan and I continue our DAILY “Prayer and Meditation Vigil” to find positive solutions for the corona virus at 11:00 p.m. Pacific time. We ask you to join us to form a collective consciousness according to your own spiritual process to claim the truth. Sample:

In addition, on Monday evening we will start a spiritual self-help group called Zoom from fear to peace. Here is the link:

You are completely free to express your own positive intention. Here is ours: In the name of the divine (however you define your belief) we see, feel and know the scientists, national and worldwide leaders and all brave health professionals / first responders who are currently finding incredible ways to do this the corona virus. (We say that every day and again and again).

We also understand that “The Power of 8” works. So let’s train “A Power of Thousands” in mind, heart and soul to eliminate the corona virus. We are free and unlimited. We are powerful spiritual beings. We refuse to create any negative fear and let our lives be disturbed.

We all see ourselves surrounded by a field of light and love. Any kind of negativity that comes into contact with our ghost shield is instantly healed and evaporated. Together we can do amazing things.

Our handle on Youtube is Unity of Medford, where you can enjoy our other positive news and videos.

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Rev. Susan has a new email to provide you with prayers and spiritual support: [email protected]

Peace, joy, love and light for everyone. Rev. Susan and me

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