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Become a fan of all the sexting and D! Ck pictures overwhelmed in the dating world?

You’re not alone.

It turns out, The older you are, the less likely you will become digitally sexy: While around 40% of Gen Z (18-22 years) have sexed, only 25% of Gen X (40-50 years) have.

Nevertheless, sexuality and sexuality are an important part of dating and relationships. You might want to learn how to talk dirty to a guy … if it just doesn’t make you blush!

How dirty speaking can improve a relationship

Do you think dirty talking is only for casual sex? Not at all! It can make your sex life – not to mention your relationship – healthier and happier.

On Elite Daily, Dr. Jess O‚ÄôReilly, host of the Make your lover wild A video series says: “Talking about sex leads to better sex.”

It can create anticipation before you have sex for the first time … and all times after. It can help you get him to do what you want between the sheets. And he can feel like a god in bed!

How to talk dirty to a guy

Before you assume you need to wash your mouth with soap to learn how to talk dirty to a man, read on. There are definitely great ways to do it … but if a full raunch is your thing, do it!

1. Tell him what to do to you

This serves two purposes: First, it’s hellishly sexy. Second, it helps you have more fun sex. This technique is especially useful when you start having sex with a new person and may feel uncomfortable telling him that you really don’t like what he does every time you have sex!

Instead, use a little dirty talk to correct it and do something you like better. You can also pair this with practical instructions. If he finds your sweet spot, let him know!

You could say something like:

“I want you to kiss me slowly on my body … deeper … deeper …”

2. Tell him what you will do with him

responsible woman
Let him know what to look forward to tonight!

The flip side of the coin is when you take control of the situation and tell him exactly how you will devastate him. You can do this either during sex or beforehand to build anticipation.

Imagine how hot and troubled he would be if he received a text listing all the things you want to do to him later that night at work!

“If I come over later, I’ll slowly undress … but you can’t touch me …”

3. Remind him of the amazing things he did last night

I call that the summary.

You may be surprised to hear it, but men, even more so than women, like to be praised. Especially in the bedroom. So if you give a little review of last night’s fireworks, you feel damn good … and let him want a repeat tonight.

“Damn. I’m still in pain from last night. It’s worth it for all the orgasms you gave me!”

4. Tell him about a dirty dream you had

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Come on. Admit it. You had a sexy dream or two. Why not share it with the literal man of your dreams instead of keeping it to yourself and blushing when you think about it?

Even if you haven’t had a dirty dream … you can pretend you did! Hopefully you can replay it later!

“I had the naughtiest dream last night … you wouldn’t believe what we did …”

5. Tell him your imagination

Did you know that the most common sexual fantasy is having sex with multiple partners at the same time? That’s what Justin J. Lehmiller, Ph.D.., Research Fellow at the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University, found out when he interviewed people for his book, Tell me what you want: the science of sexual desire and how it can help you improve your sex life.

Other common fantasies were:

  • Power, control and rough sex
  • Do something new, like having sex in a different position or environment
  • Do something taboo
  • Passion, romance and intimacy
  • Be in a non-monogamous relationship
  • Exceed the limits of your gender identity

Regardless of whether this is your fantasy or something else, sharing that fantasy with your partner can be a great way to spice up your sex life. Sharing what makes you secretly hot can feel quite vulnerable, but it can also help consolidate your trusting bond with him.

“My secret fantasy is … having sex in a bathroom in a club. Do you want to make my imagination come true? “

6. Let him know that you want to take responsibility

As if you would take the reins in the bedroom? There is nothing wrong with that. In fact, most men like it.

So learn how to talk dirty to a guy by telling him you’re in control tonight. Tell him what the rules are. Can he touch you Will he be punished if he makes a noise? What exactly are you going to do with him?


“I’m responsible tonight. I’ll have my way with you, and if you try to touch me, I’ll punish you. Be a good boy now …”

7. Tell him when you are close to the climax

Not all men know if you have an orgasm. It doesn’t help that many women pretend! But it can be sexy if you let him know when you’re about to orgasm. It will also keep him from changing positions at a critical moment and possibly disrupting the fireworks.

“Oh baby, that’s it!” You will make me … ohhhhh! “


happy couple
Dirty talk can improve your relationship.

Do you feel more comfortable with dirty talk? I hope so, but it will probably take some practice before you become familiar with it. Give him time and measure his answer. Does he like it? Does he respond better to some kind of dirty talk than others?

If you are not sure what he likes, ask him! You are in a relationship and should be able to communicate openly about everything. Show your interest in talking to him sexy and ask what he likes so you can deliver.

What was your first attempt to talk dirty? Good, bad or ugly, we are here to support you. Talk to us in the comments below!

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